Sunday, December 4, 2011

Prayer & A Cherished Photo

During General Conference this past October, President Monson told a story of his laundry and the five dollar bill. He talked about how worried he was that five dollar bill would be taken while his laundry was being done at the cleaners. He said he prayed that it would still be there. Although it was just a small and perhaps a dumb thing, because it was important to him, it was important to our Heavenly Father. He challenged us to do the same and to remember that we are important to Him.

I LOVE photography. I LOVE beautiful portraits of my boy. These things are important to me. However, once Lincoln hit 12 months, he has been stinker to try and take any photographs of him. If we're outside, all is just lost! He will run and run until we drag him kicking and screaming-this is not an exaggeration here. I have wanted to take some beautiful pics of Lincs for a long time but SERIOUSLY have been dreading it. A few mornings ago I called up the Hancocks to see if I could borrow their studio. As I was getting ready I told Heavenly Father I just wanted ONE beautiful picture of my boy. JUST ONE!! My prayers were answered-so simple and small to anyone else.  However, Heavenly Father knew HOW important it was to ME. For this, I am so very grateful! We got several GREAT shots, but I will just share one of our top favorites!