Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baby's Room

So it's official that we are having another boy for those who hadn't heard. I love getting things ready for baby to come. Decorating a nursery is a lot of fun for me, but this time it's been more stressful for some reason. Maybe because I have been more sick with this baby, I have a little boy I am taking care of, I have been busy with photography and we are trying to get a lot done on our house! Either way, my ideas are finally coming together. I am posting these pics mainly for my mother in law to see my ideas as she is kind enough to make a beautiful quilt for our baby that I can't wait to see! Jory painted most of the room these week. 2 of the walls are a light grey and the other two are a slate blue. So the main colors will be those two. The quilt my mother in law is making will have these fabrics in them... I think they are adorable! The rest of his bedding (skirt, bumpers and sheets) will just stay the neutral blue and grey.

I saw this pillow on Etsy and LOVE it for his glider. Clearly not in this fabric, but the ones we picked out already. We have to get  a new glider because the rocker we got at Ikea with Lincoln you have to use your stomach muscles to rock and after I had that C section, I couldn't even stand the thought of sitting in it. Ugh... it was beyond painful! But we found a cute one on Amazon that we love and it's a dark grey, so I think it'll look cute in his room.

Here's the glider I love!

I found the following wall art on Etsy as well that I love. I still need to show them to Jory and see what he likes, but I thought they'd be super cute on his walls as well.  I am really excited to see the final results of how his room all comes together. I have struggled with some depression this pregnancy so Jory told me to do all new things in his room if that helps me feel better. It really has been a lot of fun over all to do this. We are also in the process of re doing Lincs room as well since his nursery is still pretty much set up and all the pics on his walls are baby ones. I can't' believe how fast he's just grown up! Makes me sad. I am sure this next little guys first year will go by just as fast! Which is just not fair.

Loved these rugs from Target. Just can't decide which one I like better...

This piggy bank is a maybe, but for sure think it's adorable!

This was also at Target. For those who haven't figure it out, I LOVE me some Target! I love lamps! I just do! We always turn Lincoln's on in the evening around bed time and i think he's figure out that when it goes on it's time to calm down and get ready for bed. So anyone that actually still reads this blog, what are your thoughts or ideas?

 LOVE this light fixture!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Then & Now

When Lincoln was a newborn, we had Cort take some pics of him. They all had this fabulous idea to put him in a fish net. Of course... I was seriously not for it, but it was what Jory wanted. He was BAWLING and shaking during this shot. It seriously made me SO SAD! Since then, Lincoln has come to LOVE Jory's fishing net. He will put all his tubby toy fishes in it and pack it around the house. One day, he wanted to have Dad put him in the fish net. This time, he thought it was hilarious! Which it totally was! =D

Geez... he sure has grown a ton since the first shot eh? I LOVE his little face in this picture! He looks super happy and most of the time, he really is! He was having the time of his life.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Courage Reins Part 2

Lincoln loved his horse riding class (well, towards the end anyways!) He LOVED his therapist Gary. Gray worked really well with Lincoln and we truly noticed a lot of improvement. Lincoln graduated from Kids on the Move when he turned 3 and went right into Preschool. He LOVES preschool. Even more so, he REALLY LOVES riding the school bus. Jory was super nervous at first, but Lincoln can't get enough of the school bus. These are some of the last images I took while he was in KOTM.