Monday, June 27, 2011

The Boys!

This was also taken months ago and I think it is by far my favourite of the boys. So very tender!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Too Cute!

Laura and her girls are here visiting from MO. It has been so much fun to have them. And... we've actually been taking pictures. This afternoon after church, she took this CUTE picture of Lincoln with her camera phone. I LOVE it!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stinks & The Dog

Truly, I don't like animals. AT. ALL. I can't pretend that I like the dog that lives here. I can't pretend about a lot of things these days. However, Stink Bugs LOVES that damn dog! He was so cute with him (or her) the other day. Halie was trying to eat Lincoln's Goldfish. These days, that's one of the few things he'll eat! Anyways, here's some stinkin cute pics of my cute boy. He's still quite the busy boy these days.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Two CUTE Cousins!

Have you SEEN my cute little nephew?? Oh my gosh, LOOK at that CUTE face! I can't stop looking at this picture of him!

Geena asked if Parker could try out our Bumbo to see if he even liked it. Oh... but he did!! She took a couple pics of the two boys together. CUTEST thing EVER!! I'm so glad Lincoln has a boy cousin close to his age! I'm sure hoping Camilla has a little boy too. Too much fun. I'm pretty sure big eyes are a dominating gene here. They both have them and I LOVE it!

Anyways, aren't these way too cute of our boys? LOVE THEM!

My mom asked if Lincoln was grabbing Parks ear in this one. He's actually not. We're trying to teach Lincoln to "be soft," so that is what he is "practising" in this picture!

This last one just cracks me right up! Those facial expressions on both of them are just hilarious.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some Favs

I took these a few months ago and L.O.V.E them. I plan on making them huge in my house someday. If I can figure out where to put them! Starting to run low on wall space here...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Beautiful Evening Out!

My very BEAUTIFUL Stephanie sister is getting married this summer. We are all so excited. JD-her finance-is perfect for her and treats her well. Tonight, we went up the canyons and did some Engagements. Oh how I love how they turned out. I started editing them right away because I'm so excited. That and their wedding is less then 2 months away. Anyways, isn't this gorgeous of the two of them?

We went to this CUTE little Forrest to take some more (I know, Forrests in Utah? I am shocked myself my friends!) and Lincoln was NOT happy that Jory put him down. Look close at that little MAD face!

Steph took a little family snap shoot of us while we were there...

Of course I had to have one of my and Steph. I LOVE this pic of us. We haven't had a picture done of us in a long time.

Jory took the pic of me and Steph while JD held Lincoln. Here are the results of that one....

ROFL!!!!!! Isn't that just hilarious???

We then let the two love birds go cuz he was quite anxious to get to his game. I asked Jory to take a few of me and my cute boy together. I think they turned out too cute! I'm REALLY into my vintage processing right now so we'll all just have to deal with it! ;)

One of the boy and his dad...

Lincoln had quite had it by the time we got back to the car. He was hungry and tired. He kept smacking his cheeky for some reason. Cute...

That ended our beautiful evening. I'm so happy with the two new locations we found tonight. It's amazing how taking 5 mins to take some images of your family can bring a smile to your face. I'm so glad we stopped to do this. Taking too many pics is something I never regret. EVER. I will be posting more from Stephanie's session soon!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

From Today...

Today Lincoln figured out how to take off his diaper. Oh boy... So he was walking around like this for a while...

Oh well, it was hot today. I mean HOT. Besides, that is ONE CUTE BUM right?

Lincoln was intrigued with his Dad's sun glasses. My cousin Ang had bought some for him as a gift while she was down visiting. So cute... We tried to get him to wear them, but oh how hard that was! Super cute though.

At least in this one you can't tell he is fighting us on the hat and glasses!

I am glad this week is over. It has been a BUSY and HARD week. I worked a lot and shot a wedding on Friday. Wednesday we went to a funeral up north some where for one of Jory's uncles. I hate going to funerals. I mean who doesn't right? But it feels like since I married Jory I've been to more funerals then ever. Blah... I hope I don't have to go to one for a long time! On top of all this, Lincoln and I have been sick all week. Jory kept telling us it was just allergies, but turns out my brother and his family have the same thing. So not fun! It's 10:45pm and I'm pretty sure I'm teaching Laurels tomorrow. Sadly, I just remembered this. Oh man, so much for crawling in bed and watching the idiot box!

Next week will be just as super busy with working and lots of shooting. At least there won't be a funeral though. Today all my fabulous sisters went to SLC cuz my little Snuffy sister is getting married and was in search of a wedding dress. Steph is a total tom boy so I figured that she would pick something very simple with no bead work. Oh no, she picked something so girly and with elegant bead work. It is SO GORGEOUS and she looks stunning in it. Just wait for the bridals, I know I can't! I'm so anxious to get out and start shooting! We're shooting Engagements tomorrow and I'm sure she will look so beautiful. Alright, enough rambling! Time to go get my lesson prepared. I sure hope it's not about Eternal Marriage. If I have to teach that topic one more time, I am going to stick a fork in my eye!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Me & Him...

My good friend Emily asked if she could take some pics of Lincoln for her portfolio. Ummm... TOTALLY! She really wanted to do some in the Orchards while they were in full bloom. We set out and Lincoln was quite nervous about it all. I had asked her to take a few of me and him together. I think she did a BEAUTIFUL job. He wouldn't do it by himself hardly at all, so that was a bummer. Thanks Emily-You are amazing!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Back Yard Fun!

This morning we snuggled in bed and watched Curious George. He got this movie for his bday from his cousins. Oh man does he LOVE this movie. Whenever that cute little monkey comes on, he just SMILES and looks at me grinning like it's no ones business! Then he constantly has to watch me to see if I'm watching. He claps his little hands together and giggles. He's starting to dance to the music on the idiot box as well. Way too cute. This is one of my favourite things to do with my boy. Oh how I love to snuggle that boy!

Seriously? More outdoor shots? Of course, that's MY boy! He hates wearing shoes-pulls them off and throws them (which is really sad cuz I bought him the CUTEST shoes ever from Target that he will NOT wear!)Can you tell how happy he is to be outside?

I love this last one of him. Just happy as can be! I know what you are all thinking, get that kid a Tetanus Shot! Ha ha ha ha... already on it!