Monday, January 30, 2012


I LOVE sleep. I always have. Lincoln can be totally opposite of me in this regard! When he does sleep, he always looks so very peaceful and cute. Lately, he had just been GIGGLING in his sleep. He did this yesterday at church when he fell asleep and again last night when he fell asleep watching a movie. I have no idea what he thinks is THIS funny while sleeping, but I love when he does this! So dang cute! Here's a cute one I got of him sleeping in his big boy bed.

This next one is a while ago. I was out front working on some things and Jory and Lincoln had been in his room playing. After a while, I noticed things had gotten really quiet. I went back to check them and found this...


Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Cute Boy is TOO cute!

I love this boy. WITH ALL MY HEART!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Lazy Sunday

We had a fun weekend! Grandma Tammy came down to visit and it was a blast. We were suppose to have a Ward girls weekend, but no one else came. Too bad, we had an amazing time. Of course Friday I cleaned ALL day. Lincoln would be in one room destroying something while I was in another room cleaning. This was pretty much how my day went! Tammy pulled in later in the evening and we hung out and talked till one in the morning. Jory wouldn't let us go to bed. So we of course slept in the next day. When we finally woke up, we made a delicious breakfast and then headed out to Rod Works to spend out Gift Cards from Christmas! We had a lot of fun in there and it was HARD to decide what to get! We ended up getting some super cute stuff and were super happy about our purchases. We then headed home to pick up Lincs and Jory. We headed to the mall to use a gift card at Gymboree. I found some CUTE clothes for Lincs when he gets a little bigger. Afterwards, we headed up to Heber to see our friends AMAZING new place. On the way up, the weather started getting bad and I just had a scary feeling about going up cuz I KNEW the drive down wouldn't be good. We had such a nice time seeing our friends. Karen gave us a tour of their beautiful home and then made a DELICIOUS dinner for us-but when does she not make delicious food?

On our way home down the canyons, the roads were BAD!! Jory lost control of my car and we REALLY thought we'd never get it back. I truly thought we were going to crash and have all the other cars behind us crash into us as well. This is the third time in my life I THOUGHT we might die! It was so dang scary! We finally made it home ok after what seemed like hours.

Today we all just laid around and rested after we went to church. It was so needed. Me and my cute boy had a LONG nap together. He snuggled in close to me and slept for FOUR HOURS!! Defiantly worth celebrating! Anyways, time for some fun images right?!?! The other day I was playing around with camera settings, WB and just trying new things. Of course I was practicing on this little man! He just can't get any cuter right?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life With Lincs

Lincoln LOVES playing in his Dad's fish closet. This is no exaggeration here folks! If he gets his mind SET on playing in there, there is just NO distracting him or calming him down when you tell him no. Sometimes, it's super annoying. Last night, he wanted to play in there SO BAD. We both told him no and he bawled hysterically for a long time! Somehow he finally calmed down and we looked over to see what he was doing and we couldn't stop laughing the rest of the night! He found his Curious George stuffed animal and took him over to the door of Jory's fish closet, he put him over his head and put the monkey's hand on the door knob to try and get George to open the door for him! It was SOOOO FUNNY!!! Smart little kid eh? I wish we would have taped it or at least gotten a picture of it. It was the CUTEST thing ever!! Jory seriously laughed so hard the rest of the night.

Anyways, here is a CUTE pic of my little stinker to get you by.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dash's Quilt

I REALLY wanted to make Dash a quilt in time for his baby shower. That didn't happen. So I figured FOR SURE in time for Christmas. After all my car drama, Lincoln getting one cold/flu after another and with his little surgery, making a quilt was just being a little TOO ambitious. I decided to make a post on FB to see if anyone would be willing to do some trade photography to whip up this quilt. One of my friends from Canada said she would do it. I jumped on board before she had time to change her mind. I am SO HAPPY I HAD HER MAKE THIS QUILT!!! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. So much, in fact, that I kept debating on wether or not I should even give it to my sister. I knew that since she didn't have anyone to make her a quilt, I just had to. :( I was a little sad to give it up. I mean LOOK how adorable
it turned out to be!

See what I mean? I have since decided that I want to get back into sewing, invest in a GOOD sewing machine and start making beautiful quilts like this. How could I not right? I'll probably be wracking up my minutes talking to my mother in law a lot re learning everything. ha ha ha h.... It'll be worth it!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Point Wedding Expo

A lot of family and friends have been anxious to see how my booth turned out. I was so happy with everything. Jory worked REALLY hard and made this amazing wall for me. I am so grateful. Didn't he do an amazing job?? I had SO many compliments on it at the fair. I had a few photographers that told me they were super jealous. Not going to lie, a little giddy. One of the vendors at a reception center told me that she had seen a lot of photographers try this wall, but had not looked as good, professional or classy as mine. HELLO!!! It seriously MADE MY DAY!! Then she brought me a piece of DELISH chocolate cake. I totally thought life couldn't get any better. Really though, all the credit goes to Jory. I just showed him what I wanted and he took it from there. I slaved on the albums, prints, priclists and worried that no one would book me cuz there are just too many photographers. Jory stressed about this wall and it took a lot of work and patience doing this.

I am so grateful for all the support I had through this experience. Besides Jory building this wall and listening to my ENDLESS "woe is me-I'm not going to book a thing," and helping me pick which images to blow up and which albums to show case-cuz truly I changed my mind over and over again-there were a lot of people helping out! Cort came and helped set everything up, took down and let us borrow his suburban and trailer. He also helped Jory and I (try) to push start Jory's truck. Of ALL DAYS FOR IT NOT TO START!!!! We pushed that damn truck down the street, around the corner, down our hill. It wasn't a pretty site and Jory and I were irritated. It never did start either. Jeanie and Ashley were both so amazing to help out and watch Lincoln. THANK YOU LADIES!!! Things would have been a nightmare if he would have been there. Melissa came down after everything was set up to do my hair, so for that I am also grateful!!

Anyways, here is how it turned out...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Point Wedding Expo

As I have mentioned several times, I have been super busy getting ready for my Bridal Fair THIS WEEKEND!! It will be amazing. There will be a lot of amazing vendors there as well. If you are getting married or on your way to getting married, you NEED to come out and see me here! I will be offering an AMAZING Wedding Special that you won't want to miss out on!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Being Looked After

The following email was in my inbox this morning....

Hey there friend. I've been meaning to respond to your blog posts from a while back. I read this scripture tonight and it made me think of you...

And I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs...and this will I do may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions. 
Mosiah 24:14
I know the stuff with your car is super crazy and I can only imagine how stressful Lincoln's surgery was. I hope you are seeing brighter days. Love you dear friend.

I have read and re read this scripture so very many times! I LOVE this scripture. I love how the Lord works in mysterious ways and through others. I NEEDED this email and this scripture. I NEEDED this reminder. It was the perfect reminder of the Lord's love for me and how he NEEDS me to have friends like her. He knows WHY I need her in my life and it is not by coincidence that he put me where he did and when. I believe that with ALL my heart!!

Last week while I was getting ready for my bridal fair, I was feeling rather discouraged because this is how I help take care of my family so I don't have to put Lincoln in daycare to go back to work. This is seriously one of my greatest fears. There is A LOT of amazing competition here with photography. It is an over saturated market and on this day I was feeling rather low and incompetent. I went to get the mail and there was a little card in the mail from one of my bride and grooms from their wedding I shot last month. They couldn't think of how to properly thank me for the wonderful work, patience and kindness I had shown them. They were so beyond happy with everything I had done for them and that they planned on referring everyone they know my way and having family pictures done by me each year. I can't lie, it made me tear up as I read it. It truly was EXACTLY what I needed in that moment. Once again, AMAZING how the Lord works in mysterious ways.

So yes dear friend, it is people like you and my dear clients that help me to see brighter days! How do I make it through with out all your love and support? It is impossible! 

Then there are just the small things in life that you just gotta make you laugh. Like this quote...

Why I think this is just so hilarious, I'll never know. But I just couldn't stop laughing. I am a quote junkie and this one is saved on my board of quotes on Pinterest! But sometimes, it's hysterical quotes, friends looking out for us or just baby kisses that can help you make it through a hard patch in life. Lincoln gets me through more then I realize. He makes me laugh so hard. Sometimes, this happens when I shouldn't be laughing-like a public tantrum. I can't help it though. I'll work on it, but probably not. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Tree

Is it starting to feel like Christmas on this blog? HA HA HA HA.... I had every intention of posting these last month, but clearly that just got away from me. I decided to take a different approach in photographing our tree this year. After seeing all the Utah trendy trees, I was a little embarrassed about ours. I have to keep reminding myself that life isn't about keeping up with all the Utah Trendy People! We got what I thought was going to be the perfect bushy, full tree. It looked gorgeous while we were at the tree lot up in Logan. We got it home (and the top part had broken off-so it looked a little silly) and put it by the window, only to discover that our tree took up A LOT of room in our living room! I mean A LOT! Opps... so we ended up re-arranging our whole living room to make it fit and to make sure I wasn't suffocating as well. It was a nice tree and looked better with the lights on. Lincoln loved it and really, that's all that matters to me these days!  Anyways, I was in the mood to try something a little more artistic and thought it would be best to take it out on our tree. Either way, I LOVE how they look! And yea, I realize there are some out of focus and yes that was done on purpose!