Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life With Lincs

Lincoln LOVES playing in his Dad's fish closet. This is no exaggeration here folks! If he gets his mind SET on playing in there, there is just NO distracting him or calming him down when you tell him no. Sometimes, it's super annoying. Last night, he wanted to play in there SO BAD. We both told him no and he bawled hysterically for a long time! Somehow he finally calmed down and we looked over to see what he was doing and we couldn't stop laughing the rest of the night! He found his Curious George stuffed animal and took him over to the door of Jory's fish closet, he put him over his head and put the monkey's hand on the door knob to try and get George to open the door for him! It was SOOOO FUNNY!!! Smart little kid eh? I wish we would have taped it or at least gotten a picture of it. It was the CUTEST thing ever!! Jory seriously laughed so hard the rest of the night.

Anyways, here is a CUTE pic of my little stinker to get you by.

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Laura said...

Hehe. :) he looks a lot like you in this picture!