Thursday, March 26, 2009

Needed a Good Laugh

School has been totally stressing me out this semester. I love, love, love photography and want to continue progressing this talent but this one teacher I have makes me wonder if I have what it takes. It's been hard and the best advice I can give anyone out there who is thinking of going to UVU in the Photography Program-don't do it unless you like people who like to make your skin crawl!

Anyways, in this class I'm doing my semester project on how I perceive people and one of the persons I will be shooting is my brother. He reminds me so much like the character House, MD. No really-he does! I was researching some photos of House and his facial expression-which crack me right up. I found this image and man did I have a good laugh!

So Mike (if you even read this) if you ever wonder if I ever think about you-yeap, I sure do! ;)

I have an Art History test this weekend and I'm so nervous about it! I've been studying for a few hours today and need to get back to the drawing board. Hopefully all goes well!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Weekend Gubs Came to Visit

What a fun weekend I had when Melissa and Scott came out! I have known Melissa since High School and Scott since college. The funny thing is, we didn't like each other in high school. I thought Melissa was so stuck up and she thought I was a brat. We laugh so hard about that now though. We became friends Freshman year in collage. She was dating Scott and that's how we met Adam and Rich (the 3 of them served missions together). We did have some good times and late nights though. It really didn't take too long before we became best friends.Freshman year of college.... wow was that fun! I miss those days.

Melissa's brother Alan-who is awesome and I love to death-got married. We are all so happy for him! So they came out for that. I wasn't the photographer for their wedding and didn't take any pics of the two of them-I didn't want to over step my boundaries- but I took some random shots of our friends. I hate that Melissa is so far away and we hardly get to see them. I miss her so much

Man, is he cute!

The Slumber Party Junkies...
Rich, Adam and Scott

Me and my Gubs. I LOVE this girl to death!

One of the great group of friends from college. I can't possibly be the shortest one here... Rich must be standing on his tip toes again! Whatever.
We had some good times eh Gubs?

While Scott and Melissa went to the luncheon-no kids allowed-Adam and I took care of Connor. And by that I mean, Adam changed Connor and played while I took pictures. Connor is so well behaved. Melissa is a good mom though. She's one of the few who still believe in disciplining their kids. He is always so well taken care of and very smart. I wish I could see them more.






Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break

This week is my Spring Break. So far I have spent it doing homework. I know, totally lame eh?! The rest of the week will pretty much consume of doing just that as well. I have about 10 pages of research to catch up on and I've done about 2 (however, I still have to TYPE them up!) I've been really stressed lately with school. I have one teacher that I can never seem to do enough. He never likes anything I do and I have been working my butt off. Normally I LOVE school, but this guy is getting to me! SERIOUSLY...

Last weekend was a lot of fun though. Friday night Camilla and Nick came down for Snuff's 20th Bday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS!) and we all just hung out at my brothers house. I'm so glad they came down. I miss Camilla a lot. You'd think we'd see each other more but unfortunately we don't. I love my family a lot and wish I'd make more of a priority to go see them (Once again-can't wait for this semester to be over).

Saturday, a good friend of mine-Alan Gubler-got married. I didn't shoot his wedding, but his sister and I have been best friends since college-like 10 years now (oh man do I feel old now) and she flew in from IN for it. It was SO nice to spend the day with her and her family. I seriously LOVE her family too. I feel like I belong with them. I adore ALL of her siblings so much. Her sister Jessica is hilarious and we have a great time laughing together too. Our friend Adam and I watched her son while they were at the luncheon. Connor is such a well behaved little boy! Props to Gubs for amazing discipline skills. It was funny though how clueless Adam and I were when it came to taking care of him though-we'd just look at each other like "Uhhh, what do we do??" Nice... Connor is so cute and we had fun in the park with him (pics to come soon). I LOVE Melissa! Whenever we talk, she's always asking me for some juicy gossip! LOL... we will sit and talk for hours and just LAUGH and LAUGH-and we laugh HARD! Man, we have so much fun together! I miss you Gubs! Alan had a nice wedding and I'm so happy for him. He's a great guy that deserves a good girl. I have tons of pics from that day that I plan on posting-hopefully soon...

Well, I guess it's back to the Art History Study Marathon. Test is next week and am I close to ready?! Oh no...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

McDavitt Family

Feb 12, 2009Photobucket
I was going through Laura and Peter's photos from my trip out to MO (getting ready to send her the disc-sorry Laura!) and I came across this photo. I don't know why, but I fell in love with it. This was taken of them in front of their house the morning of the finalization of Abbie's adoption. What an amazing weekend for them. So many wonderful emotions and who couldn't be more happy for them eh? I told Jory how grateful I was that these two are my lifelong friends.

I miss you guys!

Monday, March 2, 2009

How I know God Loves me

I've wanted to post this for a while but now that it's Hilary's bday, today is the perfect day to post this. These two have been some of my GREATEST friends since 2002. They've seen me through a lot. There are some things that I know with out them, I could not have survived. It seemed like a lot of my world came crashing down shortly after I met these two. I know that Heavenly Father put these two amazing woman in my life at the perfect timing. We've laughed together, cried and some of the best times together. We've seen each other through so much. Although we all live in different states now, our friendship still stands strong. Even though I hate that it's months sometimes before we talk, we can always pick up right where we left off and there's never any awkwardness. Not only are they amazing, but they also have amazing husbands as well. I remember when I went through my divorce, Hilary's husband made me go with them for the weekend to his parents house so that I could get away from all the crap I was dealing with. Both Alex and Peter gave great words of comfort telling me that it wasn't all a waste because I had gained life long friends if nothing else.

Photobucket Feb. 2009 (seven years later)

Hillary-I remember the VERY first time I met you, I had this strong feeling that we were going to be great friends. I thought it was weird since you lived in MO and I was in UT. Little did I know what was coming... It was so much fun hanging out and planning our future wedding Business together. I don't think I realized HOW much you loved me until you came to my house right before I moved from MO and bawled that I was going through what I did and cried because you couldn't stand to see me go. It was so hard leaving you both! It meant the world to me that you insisted on making my wedding dress. You worked so hard and diligently. This is something I will always cherish. I've enjoyed all our visits and shopping trips.

Laura-It's strange how you can meet someone and just hit it off like you've been friends forever. That's kind of how it seemed the night we met at that dance. It meant the world to me when you called that week JUST to chat. I love that we became so close in such a short amount of time. I always still laugh thinking we had always managed to buy some of the exact same clothing around the same time. When you left those flowers/card on my door step when Joelle died-that meant the world to me also. I've never (nor will I ever) forget that. When your baby died, I was so devastated. Hilary and I cried all weekend together and for you. It was so hard for us to see you loose something you and Peter longed for and deserved for so long. Not to be able to be there was even harder. It was such an honour and cherished memory to be able to be there for Abbie's Adoption and Sealing.

Ladies, I miss you both SO much. I believe that we were great friends in Heaven and that our friendship will continue in the next life. For sure, I am building my mansion next to both of you!

Happy Birthday Hillary. Click HERE for a special surprise!