Monday, February 28, 2011


Lincs is doing a lot better. The cold is gone and we just have a snotty nose now. He is so smart, I love it. He is standing by himself and so proud of being a big boy. One morning, I was still asleep and Lincoln had been sitting next to me watching a movie. Jory came in to check on us and Lincoln was standing up by himself just clapping away. How friggin cute! In one week today he will be 11 months. I can't stand how fast time is flying. This morning he was cuddling and sleeping on my chest. It was so sweet and I loved every moment of it. I was reminded how he used to LOVE that when he was in the NICU. As soon as we pulled him away, he would wake up and cry and the nurses would tell me they had a hard time getting him to calm down after I left. I really miss those days so much. I look at his pics and almost cry that that part of his life is over. I do love all that he does now and it's so exciting when he learns something new and watching how proud he is of himself, but really... I miss that little tiny new baby boy.

We just got home from a trip up to Idaho yesterday. Jory's uncle is dying of cancer and they held a benefit in his honour. I was so touched at the generosity of so many people. They held an auction and someone had donated a lazy boy chair that sold for $1,100!! The guy that won the bid donated it back to the auction again and they resold it for $700 I think. Well, the person that bought it for the second time ended up donating it to Gary's family. This happened several times. I tried to bid on a few things but I think we have about $10 to our name and gas to get up there sure didn't cover that! If only we were in a better place. I did donate a portrait session and a lot of people actually bid on it. It sold for $250!!! I was sooo happy. Down here not a lot of people are willing to even pay at all for photography. I'm glad that I could at least be of service and it's going for a great cause!

I do have some pics on my other computer to post of Lincoln, but I'll do that some other time. Sorry Tammy, feeling a little lazy and hungry right now! Lincs doesn't like when I take his pics anymore. How sad...

PS-I just got done reading one of my dear friends blog post about her baby (who is 10 weeks younger then Lincs) and how she has her bottom teeth and is getting more teeth. Ok, what the crap? Lincoln doesn't even show signs of stubbys on the way!! I mean that's fabulous for nursing and all but really. Still doesn't want to eat much other then mom's milk. I just saw a pic of my (same) friends baby eating Mac & Cheese. WOW... Laura, I can't tell you how jealous I am right now!! Oh and thanks for the reminder to go grocery shopping! LOL!! =D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Sweet Past Time

Another plant demolished...

He loves playing in the dirt. I guess you could say that it's better then him playing with Babies or something. We're starting to run low on plants though. I can't help but laugh when I see stuff like this. If he wasn't so cute...

Lincoln had a cold that turned into an ear infection again. The Dr said if this keeps happening we can look forward to getting tubs in his ears. There was puss behind his ear drum. So sad for little boy. They put him on some meds that is different then what he normally has had. Luckily he only takes it once a day. Usually we (literally) have to pin him down to get him to take it. He is so STRONG!! He has only gained 3 ounces since his 9 months wellness. So he's not even 19 lbs yet. We did get him a bigger car seat for when that time comes.

My brother and his wife will welcome their 3rd little one in less then a month. Seriously, I can't wait. We don't know what they are having, but I'm betting he/she will be a cutie. Geena has the room almost ready to go. I can't wait to take some pics of her talents. It really is so darling!

I've been getting ready for a bridal fair for next month. I am nervous cuz the last one I did was a flop. This year, I'm using a whole new company and location. I really want things to go well and take off so that I can continue to stay at home with my boy. He needs his mommy!

Oh yeah...


Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweet Deals!

Yesterday I was in Target getting some food for Lincoln. I noticed that they had a baby sale as well. I went through my coupons and got the things I needed. One of the things I love about Target (besides they have much cuter stuff then Wal Mart) is that you can use a in store coupon AND a manufacturer coupon as well. The wipes were already on sale so with my coupons I got an AMAZING deal. I bought all the following for Lincs and only spent $1.60 out of my pocket! Heck yeah for sales and coupons at Target!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Diaper Deals

When you have your first baby, everyone gives you sooo much advice. And this advice is important and helpful for a first time mom. However, you find out that what works for some, doesn't work for you. I had quite a few people tell me that diapers are diapers and it doesn't matter the brand because they all do the same thing. Well... in my experience, this is false! When Lincoln was a new born, We used both Huggies and Pampers. I really didn't have a preference until he was about a month old. Every morning I'd find him totally leaked out of his diaper and soaked onto the bed. I figured since we had been blessed with so many people giving us diapers, I'd just try another brand. So we tried the Pampers and they have been AMAZING for him. I know some people swear by whatever brand they use, but really... I TRULY believe it depends on the individual baby.

That being said, I am floored at how much diapers cost! BARF! I have been blessed so far to be able to stay at home with Lincoln and have cut coupons, looked for good deals anywhere I could, etc. I am in LOVE with Amazon! I can't even say it enough. I have bought all my camera equipment there as well. I decided to look to see the cost of diapers and was excited to find out about their ship and save program. A box of Pampers Size 3 diapers cost $40.88, still cheaper then anywhere else I've found. However, if you sign up for the ship and save program, you get 30% off you box of diapers AND you get FREE 2 day shipping. AMAZING...

Well, in the Parenting Magazine that I have this subscription for, there has been 20% additional off any box of diapers pretty much every month. Sweet... To top that off, I received a $10 off any purchase in the Amazon Baby Store in the mail recently. Ummmm.... are you kidding me?

The box of Pampers Size 3 Diapers that have 204 diapers in it that normally cost $40.88, arrived on my door step for $8.94. I am quite proud of myself! You just can't beat that eh?