Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It was defiantly time don't you think? =D

Lincoln-2 months (I can't believe he was EVER that little!)

Lincoln-13 Months (I can't believe how fast time has gone by!)

Lincoln still struggles with his crib. He's gotten a lot better though. For a while we would put him in his infant carrier because he seemed to like to sleep in there. Not that we would ever put him in there during the night of course, but just during the day for his naps. He slept longer in his carrier then in his bed for some reason. Clearly, he is too big for it now though. Yeah for Costco and amazing prices on big baby boy car seats!

Monday, May 30, 2011


I was (trying) to clean an organize one day when I walked into my room and found this...

Lincoln had sat on the laundry pile and found a big role of Christmas ribbon. It had four different colours on it and there WAS a lot on there. He was having a blast pulling it off and just playing in it. Crazy kid... I've found it hard to clean these days with him being so curious. I will be cleaning one room and he'll be in the next room getting into something or throwing toys around. My mom always said that toys are not a mess and I agree with that. I can handle the toys being everywhere, it's just the other stuff!

I busted him and he just didn't seem to care. I guess we've given him so many hugs and kisses that he just knows that we love him no matter what.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back Then...

Lincoln loved Tubby Time. Now, he screams bloody murder if you try and put him in the tub alone. I don't get it and man is it frustrating! These were clear back in January or February. I can't remember... I walked by the bathroom and this is what I saw...

Too cute right? So I quietly grabbed my camera and came back to take some more pics of him.

As soon as he saw me, it was all over and he started booking it over to me. Probably just wanted to nurse again!

That's ok, he's pretty dang cute!

Today I had two AMAZING photo shoots. I was panicking this morning because it was suppose to be an overcast day and when the couple arrived to our location there was no clouds and it was just super harsh lighting. So we moved onto another location. They are a GORGEOUS couple, so together we pulled it off. This evening I had a family shoot and I am SO EXCITED for how they turned out! Oh how I LOVE the Orchards!!! I have a sister in law that I'm dying to shoot her little family in them! So Cami... COME VISIT ME OK?? Any ways, I am BEYOND exhausted now. What a day!

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Year's Eve-Day

We really don't do a lot of fun things around here. Pretty low key family. This was clear back on New Year's Eve Day. Lincoln was only like 8 months old at the time. Yeah... that far behind on posting. He was at a point where he just wasn't interested in toys at all. He loved playing with weird miscellaneous things. That day, it was the cracker box. He must have freed one from the box cuz a little while later I heard him sucking and smacking his lips. I guess he got a great taste of that salt eh?

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am EXTREMELY proud of myself! Although I haven't showered, am in my unmentionables at 4:20pm, my house is a mess and I have no idea what to make for dinner cuz I still have no appetite-I have got a lot accomplished today! I have 3 major shoots that need to be done by this weekend that I am almost caught up on, I played with my boy outside and actually brought the camera with me! But most of all, instead of blogging about it 2 months later, I am doing it TODAY!! I have totally neglected my blog the last month and I'm sure my mother in law is DYING to see pics of her Lincoln. So Tammy, here's a long post for ya! I looked through all my images and because there are so many that I just haven't blogged about, I am going to back track the next few days!

Today after Lincoln's nap and I was so tired of sitting in front of the computer, we went out side to play. Lincoln is the busiest boy I know! That kid is just like his dad. I really think Lincoln could live outside. The only thing I think that kid inherited from me besides my chin is my ADD. He was all over the place. He loves to go on the side of the house or the dirt piles Jory has made. He KNOWS he's not suppose to go there, but as soon as he sees these places, he looks at me and smiles and then books it over there. Today he was fascinated with the side walk. Then... he heard our neighbours dog just a yelping away. It was all over from there. Lincoln also loves dogs. He was obsessed with trying to get off the sidewalk, cross the street and go see that dang dog! So finally we went over to see the dog. Lincoln would get as close as he dared and the dog behind the chained fence started just barking. Lincoln would then get a little scared and hurry away. After a few times of this, it became a game to him. He thought he was sooooo funny!

Of course when it was time to come in, we had a MAJOR melt down. He was just bawling and shaking his head. Poor kid... Maybe this summer Jory and his buddy boy can live outside and I will be able to sleep through the night and keep my house tidy. Forget clean-it's just not happening with this kid. Lincoln LOVES Gold Fish crackers and even more, loves to throw them on the floor and smash them up, step on them and eat them. Didn't I tell you he was like his dad? ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Easter Preview

Now that I am done playing for a few weeks, I am overwhelmed by a lot of catching up on housework, photoshoots, bills that need to get paid and of course too much editing! However, tonight I took some time to look at and edit some of my own personal stuff. For Easter, we took Lincoln to the Timpanogas Temple. I love being there. It's hard to have bad feelings or cares of the world while you're there. Lincoln is quite the little explorer, so he had himself a great time! I am only posting a few tonight as there were almost 500 images taken. Yeah, shocking I know. ;) I will post more after I've gone through them. They were so beautiful and fun!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mommy's Big Helper

I truly believe then men should help around the house and the duties should be equal. Men and women are equal to each other. At least that is what was taught in my home growing up. This past month of May I have been so blessed to have my best friend and cousin come visit me. It has been so amazing and what I need right now. The day my cousin Ang was flying in from Canada, I was frantically cleaning the house trying to get everything ready and packed since we were taking off to Vegas. I came into the kitchen to change a load of laundry and this is what I found...

Too cute right? This is one of Lincoln's favourite things to do right now. He will just entertain himself forever with clothes. He picks them up, examines them, folds them into a ball and throws them around. A few minutes after he was done helping with the laundry, I found him walking around with the broom just dragging it around like he was sweeping the floors. It was adorable!! Of course by the time I came back with the camera on that one, Mr.ADD was on to his next project!