Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back Then...

Lincoln loved Tubby Time. Now, he screams bloody murder if you try and put him in the tub alone. I don't get it and man is it frustrating! These were clear back in January or February. I can't remember... I walked by the bathroom and this is what I saw...

Too cute right? So I quietly grabbed my camera and came back to take some more pics of him.

As soon as he saw me, it was all over and he started booking it over to me. Probably just wanted to nurse again!

That's ok, he's pretty dang cute!

Today I had two AMAZING photo shoots. I was panicking this morning because it was suppose to be an overcast day and when the couple arrived to our location there was no clouds and it was just super harsh lighting. So we moved onto another location. They are a GORGEOUS couple, so together we pulled it off. This evening I had a family shoot and I am SO EXCITED for how they turned out! Oh how I LOVE the Orchards!!! I have a sister in law that I'm dying to shoot her little family in them! So Cami... COME VISIT ME OK?? Any ways, I am BEYOND exhausted now. What a day!

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