Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have always been a believer in miracles. I just never thought they'd happen to me like the do with everyone else. When Jory and I were engaged and talking about when we'd have kids, he thought why prevent? I'm 26, she's 24-if it happens right away, great if not, oh well. I of course had NO objections to this at all. =) Well, the babies never came and I became pretty devastated. To help ease my mind I thought I'd go back to school to keep myself busy. Let me tell you, IT WORKED! This summer, I finished my Associates Degree!!! At first, the plan was to stop there but then listening to Pres Monson speak so firmly about woman getting their education, I felt a strong prompting to not give up and that I needed to keep going. Last Spring semester I decided that I wanted to teach what I love so much at a college level. I really wanted to go for a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Photography. After that, Grad School of course.

However, I have found that when I make plans for my life, God decides to play funny tricks on me and just turns my world right up side down. No joke... During my Summer Semester, I was taking an Ethics and Values class when I found out that God was giving us one of the biggest miracles of all. It came out of no where and shocked us both SOO much we STILL are having such a hard time believing it's true.

We are FINALLY having a baby! The timing of everything has just been so interesting and a lot of things have fallen into (or out of) place. I am 17 weeks along (and yes, still sick for those wondering)and we are due the beginning of April and it feels like Eternity!
We will find out NEXT WEEK!!!! what we are having.

She has been anxious to see a belly shot. I'm DEFINITELY showing eh?! ;)

Our families of course are both VERY excited about the news. I BEGGED my Geena and Camilla to get pregnant right away so we could have babies together but that was a no go. lol... So that is our big news! Please don't feel bad if you are just finding out. I haven't told many people at all. Although, Jor's been announcing it to the world.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Winner

So what if I suck at blogging... But anyways, a few people had wondered which image I blew up of the Timp Temple for my wall. Here it is... A beautiful 20x24!!

Oh and the Peterson's are coming to visit. Can't wait!!!!