Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Friday!

Today we're leaving for Almo, ID. Our niece Brayklee just turned one, so they are having a party for her. Should be fun. I should be packing and getting ready, but instead I have been emailing Dayle, blogging while sitting around in my G's. Good times my friends.

Here's some more pics of Lincs and his Dad. I know it seems like my kid never wears clothes, but the last posts where he was just in his diaper were all from the same evening. He is ONE BUSY boy and I didn't want to put all these pics in one post. Too long and BORING! Enjoy...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


One day, while I was working on my laptop, Lincoln was sitting next to me on the couch chomping away on some licorice. He and I LOVE Twizzlers. Oh man, they are so dang good! I got carried away in what I was doing and remembered he had been sitting next to me. I looked down to find this...

He had fallen asleep leaning on me, eating his licorice. HILARIOUS!!

Today Lincoln and I are going on a play date with my friend Katie and her son Kyson. I'm pretty sure Lincs will have a lot of fun. We're going to have a little picnic at the park. Lincoln LOVES the park, so he'll be so happy the whole time. Later on this afternoon, we are going to see Dr Clayton to see how he is doing on his height and his weight. I'm sure he has gained some weight because he is downing those Pedia Sures like it's no body's business! Problem is, he won't drink normal milk and still won't really eat. What a stinker...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lincs & Jor

I'm so glad last week is over! It was non stop craziness! I shot at least once everyday, had two weddings and worked a few days for Baby Bella. We are going to be going through some changes around here and it could get crazy. I am quiting Baby Bella (very sad about that-it just isn't working out) and will be pushing SW Portraits full force. I want to be able to be at home as much as  I can with Lincoln during the day. We'll see how things go! Pray for us k?

Here are some pics from a few weeks ago with Lincs and his dad while being outside. These two are just two peas in a pod. I have lots more coming of the two of them so stay tuned!

Oh and before I forget... Lincoln has figured out how to take off his diaper on his own. Lately, he's been doing this in bed. Last week, he was laying down in bed next to me and I had been dozing off. All of a sudden, I could SMELL pee. ??? I looked over and Lincoln had taken half his diaper off and had peed to the side of of him on the bed. This morning, he just full blown taken his diaper off and was running around the bed and peed-yet again. Yeah, he'll be keeping clothes on AT ALL TIMES from now on. Grrrr... I'm sure I'll find this story funny later on down the road though.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Water Hose

When you go to a Art Gallery, you will find pieces that are inspiring, moving, emotional and one that you just tilt your head and say, "Hmmm... I just don't get it," and move on. But I DO love going to stuff like this.

However, they ain't got nothin on this series...

Hilarious right? We DIED laughing watching him, but then laughed HARDER when we saw the pictures. Blessed digital cameras!

This boy LOVES to water the grass (er, or the weeds I mean). He gets so serious about it too. Tonight after watering the grass and making puddles cuz he had over watered some spots, he lost his balance and landed in one. So funny...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Orchards

I'm sure Lincs Grandmas are dying to see pics of the cute boy. I have soooo much to blog about. Hopefully I can do more of him this week. No guarantees though...

A few weeks ago I was doing a photo shoot and Lincs was with me. I know, doesn't sound super professional but Jory had to work and it's just how it had to be. Anyways, after the shoot I wanted to try and get some pics of this little stinker in the Orchards. I LOVE orchards. But of course Lincoln doesn't cooperate when it comes to pics anymore! lol... Either way, I think they're still pretty cute.


This past weekend, Jory went on a fishing trip with his BBF Cort. He actually just walked in the door. Whenever he leaves, it ends up being a challenging weekend. My car starting having issues yet again. If anyone finds a red Dodge Stratus in Utah Lake, I had good reasons! I also found some mice. Lincoln had a hard time sleeping last night and was up more then he wasn't. I tried to go to sacrament but ended up chasing Lincoln around the church-just ask the Davis family. I wanted to try and get some church in as I hadn't been in 2 weeks cuz of Steph's wedding. I miss church when I don't go. We left after sacrament cuz I just wasn't feeling well. By the time I got home, I felt SICK-like stomach flu sick! Lincoln finally took a (short) nap and was ready for some fun when he woke up. I can't believe HOW much energy he has for a kid that doesn't sleep that much. I am just drained. I mean HOW do people find the courage to have more then one kid??

Lately I've been trying to get him on a more strict schedule and we're working on our eating habits. He's slowly getting better. He downs about 2-3 pediasures per day. Hopefully he's gained SOME weight by now. Lincs and I have been going on walks every night together. He LOVES going for walks. Nothing makes him happier. When I ask him if he wants to go for a walk, he perks right up and says, "GO!" and bolts it to the door. Cutest thing ever.

I still have been so busy with photography. This week I have 2 weddings, a family, an engagement and several baby shoots/kids. It will be a crazy week, but I'm super excited about how busy I've been this year. It truly has been the greatest blessing ever!

Tonight Lincs and I had some grapes and rice for dinner. He was so upset I wouldn't give him my fork! He saw me eating with it and he wanted to do the same. So I gave it to him and he was such a happy boy!

I have been taking pics of funny things he's been doing and I'll post them soon.

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Sister

Steph and JD got marries last Sunday. It was a beautiful wedding. She looked amazing and he looked so handsome in a tux. I wasn't allowed to post any of her bridal images until after the wedding since she didn't want him to see the dress until she walking down the aisle. Considering Steph NEVER wears dresses, this was a HUGE deal! My sister is so stunning in her gown. No worries, I will be posting LOTS more sometime soon! =D

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am really not obsessed with my best friend or anything, but tonight I am working on her family pics. They are SO BEAUTIFUL and I just couldn't wait to share one. Either way, I adore this family with my WHOLE HEART! Still miss you girl!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Miss Her So Much!

I have been working HARD to get caught up on all my sessions, but mostly on the wedding I shot out in Nauvoo. I came across these pics today and they tugged on my heart strings. I LOVE this girl. She is amazing in every way! We have been dear friend for almost 10 years! When I moved back from Missouri, leaving her (and Laura) were the HARDEST things ever! I've missed them both so very much since then. This year, I have been SO blessed to see Hillary twice! It's been amazing and every time I am around her, I love her more and am sad that we live so far apart. At least we took a few of us this time.

And don't mind our crazy hair... If you've been out to the mid west, you know HOW unbearably HUMID that place gets. Blah! It was hard to breathe a few times.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Loved These!

I love the sun glasses my cousin Ang bought for Lincs. He won't wear them though and it seriously bums me out. While driving home from a shoot, I looked back to see Lincoln sleeping. I just couldn't resist putting the shades on and taking a few pics of him. SUPER CUTE, eh? This boy is turning out to be such a free spirit. Sometimes it's pretty cute, other times...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Saturday was a super stressful day. Jory and Lincs were still gone and I had a wedding and was hosting my sister's bridal shower at my house. Why might I schedule both those in the same day you might ask? First of all, it was the only weekend all my other sisters were available so I was trying to accomedate them since I had already had this wedding booked. Turns out, it was just too much for me! I woke up early, cleaned my house, baked my goodies and got ready. My two sisters showed up an hour before I was suppose to leave for my wedding. We headed out to pick up a 20x30 print my mom ordered of the temple and then we were going to meet my sister at the party store. When we came out of the store, my mom started to FREAK OUT! Her tire was totally FLAT! Sooooo not what we needed. Nick & Camilla came to help and dropped me off to head off to my wedding. I got there, did some fun wedding deatail shots and as Emily (the girl that I was shooting with) and I were waiting, I realized I had forgotten to put my mascara on. Luckily I had a spare tube in my camera bag. But wait... what was I going to do for a mirror? No worries, I had it covered...

Emily thought this was hilarious so she hooked up her fish eye lens and started shooting. We both were giggling pretty hard about the whole thing. It was quite difficult to keep a straight face while she was shooting.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunglass Fun

Jory and Lincoln made it safely home yesterday evening from Red Fish Lake. It was SOOOO good to see my baby. When he saw me, he smiled at me rather shyly. He reached for me and hugged me close for a long time. I really almost cried. I love, love L.O.V.E my boy. It's been good to have him home! I have been editing like crazy and wanted to find some pictures of Lincoln while he was gone to cheer me up cuz I missed him so much. Look how cute this boy of mine is!

Nothing like some HILARIOUS pics of Lincoln to brighten my day right up! Poor little guy hasn't been feeling well today. He woke up making dry heaving faces and had the throw up burps. By the time Jory got home, he finally did throw up in the back yard. He went to sleep early tonight, woke up and ate a little bit and went back to bed. It sure is hard to be the mother of a sick boy.