Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Friday!

Today we're leaving for Almo, ID. Our niece Brayklee just turned one, so they are having a party for her. Should be fun. I should be packing and getting ready, but instead I have been emailing Dayle, blogging while sitting around in my G's. Good times my friends.

Here's some more pics of Lincs and his Dad. I know it seems like my kid never wears clothes, but the last posts where he was just in his diaper were all from the same evening. He is ONE BUSY boy and I didn't want to put all these pics in one post. Too long and BORING! Enjoy...

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Hillary Sperry said...

Hehe, yes I believe all those pics were from the same day. Infact I think in the last one he still has licorice on his face! *Hehe, giggle, grin* Love you and your adorable little lincs! Have fun in Almo!