Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Favorite Time of the Day!

Let's clarify... this is MY favorite time of the day!

When Lincoln was a baby, he would hardly sleep more then 20 mins per nap unless he was in his carseat or snuggled in with mom. Not that I don't believe in taking a good nap here and there, but it was the only time I could get anything done or just have some alone time. And let me tell you, I NEED my alone time!!! Now that he is a little older, he is a lot better about naps! He takes a good 2-3 hour nap each day. Sometimes when he is really tired, HE will get me and lead me to put him down. Today was one of those days. He was just tired and climbed onto my lap, laid on my and just snuggled close! It was pretty cute. Of course I think he is the CUTEST thing ever when he's sleeping!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Latest Hobbies...

Picking his nose, eating the boogies and suckers are just a few of his favorite things lately. We truly don't understand how he can eat boogies, but nothing else!! Some may call me a mean mom for posting these, but I still think he's pretty cute regardless!

A few days ago, I was teaching him that we throw up in the TOILET (and NOT on the bed) since he throws up still quite a bit. I was mimicking the noises and pretending I was throwing up in the toilet. He just looked at me in awe. I'm sure that since no throw up was coming out of my mouth and landing into the toilet, he didn't grasp the concept I was trying to teach him. Yesterday as I was getting ready to go shoot a wedding, he was hanging out with me in the bathroom. I heard him making throw up noises and looked down to see him with his head in the toilet making the same noises I was doing the other day! It was soooooo hilarious!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life According to Lincoln

Tonight Jory went to a Blue Halo meeting and I have been (trying) to get some editing done. However, Lincoln is distracting me and I had to take a moment to write about it. I put Elmo on for Lincoln while I was editing. He usually doesn't watch him very often, but it was something new and thought it would buy me some time. Apparently there is something SO HYSTERICAL about Elmo! There is one scene that Lincoln LOVES where this lady is singing opera and Elmo scares her. Lincoln thinks this part is WAY TOO FUNNY! I mean BELLY LAUGHING funny!! He has made me rewind this part like 20 times already!! Apparently I wasn't fast enough and he took he remote and tried to go back himself! Of course it was the power button, so he was pretty mad about that. Never to fail, this part is just SO funny to him! When he hasn't been obsessed with this fragment of the movie, he's been "playing" with my hair. Pretty sure I have a bald spot and where he hid that bobby pin, I'm sure I'll never know! Let's not forget the diaper moment tonight! I changed his diaper and he's at the stage where he doesn't want to wear his diaper so he'll bolt it as fast as he can when we take his diaper off. He got away from me, running down the hall as fast as those cute little bum cheeks would go. Of course he was belly laughing the whole way! He is a fast, sneaky boy. I finally got that diaper on (after much wrestling, mind you!) and when we came back out to the living room, I found a delightful pee puddle on my couch! This boy is just out of control!

Lincoln TRULY believes he is SO Hilarious and he is. I am thinking we need to change his middle name to "King Mischief" SERIOUSLY.

True, True...


Anyone else feel just the same way?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sleeping on the Job!

In efforts to get Lincoln to eat better-or at all-we try so many different things. We try making foods he likes, turns out he doesn't like them anymore. We try new foods and he's freaked out about textures. We know he likes Cheez-It crackers, Gold Fish, M&M's and the Ghirardelli Caramel Squares Jory got my for V Day. In fact, he's begged me for 3 just tonight. Time to hide those puppies away! It is an EXHAUSTING process to try and get him to eat. Apparently he feels the same way...

And yes, those are boogies under his nose! Real life here folks! Besides, that boy gets cold after cold and it's getting out of control!

These images were taken moments after we put him in his chair. He really use to like Alfredo noodles too, but he just wouldn't eat them! He used to beg me to give him MY Banana Shakes so I tried giving him my strawberry banana shakes that are packed full of healthy goodness. He hated the texture of it. This little dude drives me crazy sometimes! ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Career's Greatest Truth

In case anyone hasn't noticed, there is an ABUNDANCE of photographers right now. From Provo to Ogden, there are OVER 4,500 registered photographers. This means that there are probably at least that many that AREN'T registered. Which then makes the competition very tough and you just have to be that much more on top of the styles and keep your prices lower if you want to book. I'm quite certain this is the most popular career to have right now. And why not? It's fun, glamourous, idolized and you can make a junk load of money right? Let me show you the raw reality of my job...

ROFL!!!! Hilarious right?!?! I had a good laugh and after all, it really is true! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job and truly can't think of anything else I would want to do career wise, but sometimes it's not as glamourous as you think. AT.ALL! Of course, being a mother is my top priority and career, but photography is my passion and I LOVE it! I have considered giving it up because of HOW much I LOVE my baby and how much time this takes up and away from him, but I can't. I love it too much and just need to prioritize my life better. Also, I am secretly dying to go back to school and get back into the artistic aspect of photography and one day this will be a reality. Hopefully sooner then later.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nap Time

In honor of this great day of love, I am posting images of the greatest love I've ever know...

Yeap, I sure do love him! =D

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Busy Weekend.

It has been a crazy, busy weekend! We left for Ogden on Wednesday for Jory to do some tile in my parents house. I drove back down on Friday because I had a wedding consultaion in Draper, an accountant Friday night to do our taxes and then today I woke up EARLY for an Engagement Session and then I have another session this afternoon. After that session, I'll head up to Ogden to go be with my family, get my boys, do another photo session up there and we'll head back down tomorrow night I think. Jory has done an AMAZING job at my parents house. They are THRILLED and can't stop saying thank you enough. Truly, it looks AMAZING!!

Anyways, so I am back home in-between sessions and working on business stuff. It hasn't been 24 hours and I truly miss my boy! I can't wait to see him tonight. Hugs and kisses are on the list! I walked in on him in his room one day sitting on his bed reading stories again. Oh how I LOVE that he loves stories!!! When I was younger, I LOVED to read (I still do, just don't have as much time) so I am excited that my cute boy likes to read as well. I sure hope it stays this way. Oh... as I was going through these images and dying over their cuteness, I was CRINGING that my boy had his SHOES ON, WHILE ON THE BED!!! Seriously, big pet peeve! Why I didn't take them off, I'll never know! HA HA HA HA!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Featured!! The LDS Bride

I was so excited when The LDS Bride informed me that they had featured a wedding of mine on their blog! How exciting! This was such an amazing wedding that I got to shoot out in Nauvoo and will forever be so grateful for the experience and opportunity!! Thank you LDS Brides!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Bowl

I can't believe I am making a post about the Super Bowl, but when I saw these images I swiped off of Ashley's blog, I couldn't resist! Besides, we DID have fun and the food, as always, was DELISH! There truly isn't one thing that Ashley can't make that is isn't SO YUMMY!! We stuffed ourselves sick, watched the game and just hung out! Actually, I didn't watch the game cuz first of all, I really do hate football and secondly, have you met my son?? He is all over the place!! As this is normal for his age, I should be happy to consider him normal. Right? ha ha ha!! We went over to Cali's house and Lincoln was in HEAVEN running around with all the kids in their huge house. It surly doesn't help that he is super curious and VERY mischievous.

I look rather large in this side profile. I REALLY gotta stop slouching!! However, it shows Cali (who I think is adorable) and it shows the cooking/food madness-which is my favorite part of the big game day.

Here's me and Ashley with CUTE little Hens! I swear I adore this boy more every time I see him.

Hmmm... I just don't know what to think of these two sometimes! lol! I guess they are just so in love or something. Look how cute my Lincs side profile is? LOVE IT! The 3 Musketeers!

Seriously, Lincoln LOVES Cort. He gets SO excited whenever Cort comes over. When they go out into the garage or outside together, Lincoln BAWLS because he wants to be included with these two SO BAD! He follows them around everywhere and will actually let (and reach his hands) Cort hold him. It seriously is so cute!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I walked into Lincs room to find him laying on his bed reading a story. It was the CUTEST thing EVER!! He is always surprising me everyday with his cuteness. I am always thinking he just can't get any cuter or his personality just can't get any bigger. But... it DOES! And I LOVE IT! When I was pregnant with him, I started collecting books for him. I wanted my baby to be smart. I truly believe that if you read to your children, they will be smarter. Every present event, he always gets a book on top of his toys. It is paying off because he LOVES stories! Sometimes we catch him quietly looking at his books. He sometimes falls asleep to me reading him a story. Today we read stories of Jesus before nap time. I seriously cherish these moments with my boy. I mean SERIOUSLY!!

Just LOOK how ridiculously cute this boy is!!

Lincs LOVES these PJ's. I have no idea where they came from except that they were a hand me down. One night we had put some Pj's on him and he found these ones and brought them to us to put on instead. The first time he wore them, he was obsessed with the monsters on his feet. Hilarious!

Ok, so maybe this is a mean image to post of him because of his face, but we were DYING of laughter when we saw this and hope you do too! SOOOO CUTE!