Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life According to Lincoln

Tonight Jory went to a Blue Halo meeting and I have been (trying) to get some editing done. However, Lincoln is distracting me and I had to take a moment to write about it. I put Elmo on for Lincoln while I was editing. He usually doesn't watch him very often, but it was something new and thought it would buy me some time. Apparently there is something SO HYSTERICAL about Elmo! There is one scene that Lincoln LOVES where this lady is singing opera and Elmo scares her. Lincoln thinks this part is WAY TOO FUNNY! I mean BELLY LAUGHING funny!! He has made me rewind this part like 20 times already!! Apparently I wasn't fast enough and he took he remote and tried to go back himself! Of course it was the power button, so he was pretty mad about that. Never to fail, this part is just SO funny to him! When he hasn't been obsessed with this fragment of the movie, he's been "playing" with my hair. Pretty sure I have a bald spot and where he hid that bobby pin, I'm sure I'll never know! Let's not forget the diaper moment tonight! I changed his diaper and he's at the stage where he doesn't want to wear his diaper so he'll bolt it as fast as he can when we take his diaper off. He got away from me, running down the hall as fast as those cute little bum cheeks would go. Of course he was belly laughing the whole way! He is a fast, sneaky boy. I finally got that diaper on (after much wrestling, mind you!) and when we came back out to the living room, I found a delightful pee puddle on my couch! This boy is just out of control!

Lincoln TRULY believes he is SO Hilarious and he is. I am thinking we need to change his middle name to "King Mischief" SERIOUSLY.

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