Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Bowl

I can't believe I am making a post about the Super Bowl, but when I saw these images I swiped off of Ashley's blog, I couldn't resist! Besides, we DID have fun and the food, as always, was DELISH! There truly isn't one thing that Ashley can't make that is isn't SO YUMMY!! We stuffed ourselves sick, watched the game and just hung out! Actually, I didn't watch the game cuz first of all, I really do hate football and secondly, have you met my son?? He is all over the place!! As this is normal for his age, I should be happy to consider him normal. Right? ha ha ha!! We went over to Cali's house and Lincoln was in HEAVEN running around with all the kids in their huge house. It surly doesn't help that he is super curious and VERY mischievous.

I look rather large in this side profile. I REALLY gotta stop slouching!! However, it shows Cali (who I think is adorable) and it shows the cooking/food madness-which is my favorite part of the big game day.

Here's me and Ashley with CUTE little Hens! I swear I adore this boy more every time I see him.

Hmmm... I just don't know what to think of these two sometimes! lol! I guess they are just so in love or something. Look how cute my Lincs side profile is? LOVE IT! The 3 Musketeers!

Seriously, Lincoln LOVES Cort. He gets SO excited whenever Cort comes over. When they go out into the garage or outside together, Lincoln BAWLS because he wants to be included with these two SO BAD! He follows them around everywhere and will actually let (and reach his hands) Cort hold him. It seriously is so cute!

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