Saturday, February 25, 2012

Latest Hobbies...

Picking his nose, eating the boogies and suckers are just a few of his favorite things lately. We truly don't understand how he can eat boogies, but nothing else!! Some may call me a mean mom for posting these, but I still think he's pretty cute regardless!

A few days ago, I was teaching him that we throw up in the TOILET (and NOT on the bed) since he throws up still quite a bit. I was mimicking the noises and pretending I was throwing up in the toilet. He just looked at me in awe. I'm sure that since no throw up was coming out of my mouth and landing into the toilet, he didn't grasp the concept I was trying to teach him. Yesterday as I was getting ready to go shoot a wedding, he was hanging out with me in the bathroom. I heard him making throw up noises and looked down to see him with his head in the toilet making the same noises I was doing the other day! It was soooooo hilarious!

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