Monday, February 20, 2012

Sleeping on the Job!

In efforts to get Lincoln to eat better-or at all-we try so many different things. We try making foods he likes, turns out he doesn't like them anymore. We try new foods and he's freaked out about textures. We know he likes Cheez-It crackers, Gold Fish, M&M's and the Ghirardelli Caramel Squares Jory got my for V Day. In fact, he's begged me for 3 just tonight. Time to hide those puppies away! It is an EXHAUSTING process to try and get him to eat. Apparently he feels the same way...

And yes, those are boogies under his nose! Real life here folks! Besides, that boy gets cold after cold and it's getting out of control!

These images were taken moments after we put him in his chair. He really use to like Alfredo noodles too, but he just wouldn't eat them! He used to beg me to give him MY Banana Shakes so I tried giving him my strawberry banana shakes that are packed full of healthy goodness. He hated the texture of it. This little dude drives me crazy sometimes! ;)


Rosie and Derek said...

I hear ya, it is SO hard getting Chase to eat anything! This weekend he ate goldfish and teddy grahams for lunch.

The Warburton's said...

Have you tried giving him pediasure? (I think that it is pediasure). It is expensive but it is supposed to have a lot of nutrients.