Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Busy Weekend.

It has been a crazy, busy weekend! We left for Ogden on Wednesday for Jory to do some tile in my parents house. I drove back down on Friday because I had a wedding consultaion in Draper, an accountant Friday night to do our taxes and then today I woke up EARLY for an Engagement Session and then I have another session this afternoon. After that session, I'll head up to Ogden to go be with my family, get my boys, do another photo session up there and we'll head back down tomorrow night I think. Jory has done an AMAZING job at my parents house. They are THRILLED and can't stop saying thank you enough. Truly, it looks AMAZING!!

Anyways, so I am back home in-between sessions and working on business stuff. It hasn't been 24 hours and I truly miss my boy! I can't wait to see him tonight. Hugs and kisses are on the list! I walked in on him in his room one day sitting on his bed reading stories again. Oh how I LOVE that he loves stories!!! When I was younger, I LOVED to read (I still do, just don't have as much time) so I am excited that my cute boy likes to read as well. I sure hope it stays this way. Oh... as I was going through these images and dying over their cuteness, I was CRINGING that my boy had his SHOES ON, WHILE ON THE BED!!! Seriously, big pet peeve! Why I didn't take them off, I'll never know! HA HA HA HA!!!

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