Sunday, February 5, 2012


I walked into Lincs room to find him laying on his bed reading a story. It was the CUTEST thing EVER!! He is always surprising me everyday with his cuteness. I am always thinking he just can't get any cuter or his personality just can't get any bigger. But... it DOES! And I LOVE IT! When I was pregnant with him, I started collecting books for him. I wanted my baby to be smart. I truly believe that if you read to your children, they will be smarter. Every present event, he always gets a book on top of his toys. It is paying off because he LOVES stories! Sometimes we catch him quietly looking at his books. He sometimes falls asleep to me reading him a story. Today we read stories of Jesus before nap time. I seriously cherish these moments with my boy. I mean SERIOUSLY!!

Just LOOK how ridiculously cute this boy is!!

Lincs LOVES these PJ's. I have no idea where they came from except that they were a hand me down. One night we had put some Pj's on him and he found these ones and brought them to us to put on instead. The first time he wore them, he was obsessed with the monsters on his feet. Hilarious!

Ok, so maybe this is a mean image to post of him because of his face, but we were DYING of laughter when we saw this and hope you do too! SOOOO CUTE!

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