Monday, August 8, 2011

Miss Her So Much!

I have been working HARD to get caught up on all my sessions, but mostly on the wedding I shot out in Nauvoo. I came across these pics today and they tugged on my heart strings. I LOVE this girl. She is amazing in every way! We have been dear friend for almost 10 years! When I moved back from Missouri, leaving her (and Laura) were the HARDEST things ever! I've missed them both so very much since then. This year, I have been SO blessed to see Hillary twice! It's been amazing and every time I am around her, I love her more and am sad that we live so far apart. At least we took a few of us this time.

And don't mind our crazy hair... If you've been out to the mid west, you know HOW unbearably HUMID that place gets. Blah! It was hard to breathe a few times.


Laura said...

Awww--I miss you both.

Hillary Sperry said...

Sherry you made my day, week... Ok, I just love you!