Thursday, March 26, 2009

Needed a Good Laugh

School has been totally stressing me out this semester. I love, love, love photography and want to continue progressing this talent but this one teacher I have makes me wonder if I have what it takes. It's been hard and the best advice I can give anyone out there who is thinking of going to UVU in the Photography Program-don't do it unless you like people who like to make your skin crawl!

Anyways, in this class I'm doing my semester project on how I perceive people and one of the persons I will be shooting is my brother. He reminds me so much like the character House, MD. No really-he does! I was researching some photos of House and his facial expression-which crack me right up. I found this image and man did I have a good laugh!

So Mike (if you even read this) if you ever wonder if I ever think about you-yeap, I sure do! ;)

I have an Art History test this weekend and I'm so nervous about it! I've been studying for a few hours today and need to get back to the drawing board. Hopefully all goes well!

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Christensen's said...

Good luck on your test, if you haven't already taken it. I hope it goes well!