Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dash's Quilt

I REALLY wanted to make Dash a quilt in time for his baby shower. That didn't happen. So I figured FOR SURE in time for Christmas. After all my car drama, Lincoln getting one cold/flu after another and with his little surgery, making a quilt was just being a little TOO ambitious. I decided to make a post on FB to see if anyone would be willing to do some trade photography to whip up this quilt. One of my friends from Canada said she would do it. I jumped on board before she had time to change her mind. I am SO HAPPY I HAD HER MAKE THIS QUILT!!! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. So much, in fact, that I kept debating on wether or not I should even give it to my sister. I knew that since she didn't have anyone to make her a quilt, I just had to. :( I was a little sad to give it up. I mean LOOK how adorable
it turned out to be!

See what I mean? I have since decided that I want to get back into sewing, invest in a GOOD sewing machine and start making beautiful quilts like this. How could I not right? I'll probably be wracking up my minutes talking to my mother in law a lot re learning everything. ha ha ha h.... It'll be worth it!

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Laura said...

Love this!! I wish I had more time to sew too. There are so many cute fabric prints out there!