Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Lazy Sunday

We had a fun weekend! Grandma Tammy came down to visit and it was a blast. We were suppose to have a Ward girls weekend, but no one else came. Too bad, we had an amazing time. Of course Friday I cleaned ALL day. Lincoln would be in one room destroying something while I was in another room cleaning. This was pretty much how my day went! Tammy pulled in later in the evening and we hung out and talked till one in the morning. Jory wouldn't let us go to bed. So we of course slept in the next day. When we finally woke up, we made a delicious breakfast and then headed out to Rod Works to spend out Gift Cards from Christmas! We had a lot of fun in there and it was HARD to decide what to get! We ended up getting some super cute stuff and were super happy about our purchases. We then headed home to pick up Lincs and Jory. We headed to the mall to use a gift card at Gymboree. I found some CUTE clothes for Lincs when he gets a little bigger. Afterwards, we headed up to Heber to see our friends AMAZING new place. On the way up, the weather started getting bad and I just had a scary feeling about going up cuz I KNEW the drive down wouldn't be good. We had such a nice time seeing our friends. Karen gave us a tour of their beautiful home and then made a DELICIOUS dinner for us-but when does she not make delicious food?

On our way home down the canyons, the roads were BAD!! Jory lost control of my car and we REALLY thought we'd never get it back. I truly thought we were going to crash and have all the other cars behind us crash into us as well. This is the third time in my life I THOUGHT we might die! It was so dang scary! We finally made it home ok after what seemed like hours.

Today we all just laid around and rested after we went to church. It was so needed. Me and my cute boy had a LONG nap together. He snuggled in close to me and slept for FOUR HOURS!! Defiantly worth celebrating! Anyways, time for some fun images right?!?! The other day I was playing around with camera settings, WB and just trying new things. Of course I was practicing on this little man! He just can't get any cuter right?

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