Saturday, June 11, 2011

From Today...

Today Lincoln figured out how to take off his diaper. Oh boy... So he was walking around like this for a while...

Oh well, it was hot today. I mean HOT. Besides, that is ONE CUTE BUM right?

Lincoln was intrigued with his Dad's sun glasses. My cousin Ang had bought some for him as a gift while she was down visiting. So cute... We tried to get him to wear them, but oh how hard that was! Super cute though.

At least in this one you can't tell he is fighting us on the hat and glasses!

I am glad this week is over. It has been a BUSY and HARD week. I worked a lot and shot a wedding on Friday. Wednesday we went to a funeral up north some where for one of Jory's uncles. I hate going to funerals. I mean who doesn't right? But it feels like since I married Jory I've been to more funerals then ever. Blah... I hope I don't have to go to one for a long time! On top of all this, Lincoln and I have been sick all week. Jory kept telling us it was just allergies, but turns out my brother and his family have the same thing. So not fun! It's 10:45pm and I'm pretty sure I'm teaching Laurels tomorrow. Sadly, I just remembered this. Oh man, so much for crawling in bed and watching the idiot box!

Next week will be just as super busy with working and lots of shooting. At least there won't be a funeral though. Today all my fabulous sisters went to SLC cuz my little Snuffy sister is getting married and was in search of a wedding dress. Steph is a total tom boy so I figured that she would pick something very simple with no bead work. Oh no, she picked something so girly and with elegant bead work. It is SO GORGEOUS and she looks stunning in it. Just wait for the bridals, I know I can't! I'm so anxious to get out and start shooting! We're shooting Engagements tomorrow and I'm sure she will look so beautiful. Alright, enough rambling! Time to go get my lesson prepared. I sure hope it's not about Eternal Marriage. If I have to teach that topic one more time, I am going to stick a fork in my eye!

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