Monday, June 20, 2011

Two CUTE Cousins!

Have you SEEN my cute little nephew?? Oh my gosh, LOOK at that CUTE face! I can't stop looking at this picture of him!

Geena asked if Parker could try out our Bumbo to see if he even liked it. Oh... but he did!! She took a couple pics of the two boys together. CUTEST thing EVER!! I'm so glad Lincoln has a boy cousin close to his age! I'm sure hoping Camilla has a little boy too. Too much fun. I'm pretty sure big eyes are a dominating gene here. They both have them and I LOVE it!

Anyways, aren't these way too cute of our boys? LOVE THEM!

My mom asked if Lincoln was grabbing Parks ear in this one. He's actually not. We're trying to teach Lincoln to "be soft," so that is what he is "practising" in this picture!

This last one just cracks me right up! Those facial expressions on both of them are just hilarious.

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Lisa S. Luckey said...

Oh they are so cute together! Is that Mike's newest edition?