Thursday, June 2, 2011

At Least I Have Him!

Truly... I think I might loose my mind tonight! It has been one of "those" days where NOTHING has gone  right. AT. ALL!! The other night I came home to find my laptop in ruins. COMPLETE RUINS! I took it over to my brothers house to take a look at. Come to find out that my laptop has 7 HUGE viruses. Yuck. How they got there, who knows! So I figured I'd be cooped up in my office the next few days editing there, but now I can't seem to get my Photoshop to open. I am just beyond irritated!

Anyways, Lincoln and I spent some time at my good friend's house today and he was just the happiest boy EVER! He would roll around the (carpeted) floor, run around playing and in between ADD moments he would stop, smile at me and run over and give me a hug. How does life get better then that? It was the only thing that brightened my day. We came home and had lunch outside and he helped me eat my cheeseburger. Yes, you read that right! I did eat a cheeseburger today. It was a beautiful day today though. Since I am still playing catch up, here are some more pics. These were taken several months back when we went to Idaho to do a bunch of shooting. We were at one of Jory's cousins house and while we were waiting for them to do a clothing change, I went to check on the babes. Oh how cute is my little boy! Look at that beautiful chubby face. I couldn't resist taking some shots of my own cute, cute boy.

I LOVE tender candid moments like these...

 That cute gummy smile makes me just giggle.

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