Friday, June 3, 2011

Back Yard Fun!

This morning we snuggled in bed and watched Curious George. He got this movie for his bday from his cousins. Oh man does he LOVE this movie. Whenever that cute little monkey comes on, he just SMILES and looks at me grinning like it's no ones business! Then he constantly has to watch me to see if I'm watching. He claps his little hands together and giggles. He's starting to dance to the music on the idiot box as well. Way too cute. This is one of my favourite things to do with my boy. Oh how I love to snuggle that boy!

Seriously? More outdoor shots? Of course, that's MY boy! He hates wearing shoes-pulls them off and throws them (which is really sad cuz I bought him the CUTEST shoes ever from Target that he will NOT wear!)Can you tell how happy he is to be outside?

I love this last one of him. Just happy as can be! I know what you are all thinking, get that kid a Tetanus Shot! Ha ha ha ha... already on it!

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