Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Boys Outside

Oh man... Lincoln just LOVES to be outside ALL THE TIME! Last night I went to my friend's book party and Lincoln was cranky the whole time cuz he just wanted to be outside. When I finally took him out, he was so DANG happy! Lincoln especially loves to play with his dad and Jory's dog outside. They love to throw the ball to the dog and watch her catch it. Lincoln thinks it's sooo funny!

Doesn't Lincoln look so stinkin cute in his (Canada) red Columbia jacket? I picked it up at the Columbia outlet in Park City for $12!!

The boys and that damn dog who will probably out live us all-just to spite me. Lincs loves animals though. Don't all boys? Anyways, he always has such a fun time when he's outside and truly is his happiest. It should be an interesting summer for sure! I'm sure when it gets nice (if it ever starts to get nice around here) we'll be outside more then we won't!

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