Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lincs: Christmas

We had a REALLY NICE Christmas this year! We just got home late last night and have been forcing ourselves back into the swing of things. Normally, I am quite ready to be done with Christmas, but this year I am not. I am a little sad it's all over. Maybe it's because I have cute boy and life in general is just more exciting with him. Who knows... Either way, super fun, super busy and we are EXHAUSTED from it all! I have been busy getting ready for an upcoming Bridal Fair, and some other fun things going on this January. I will blog more about Christmas hopefully tomorrow though as I do have a few pictures. For now, I wanted to post these STINKIN cute pics of my cute boy. I took them several weeks ago and am dying over them! He never fails to make me smile, happy or want to be a better mom. And... he is still doing so well! That's MY boy!

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