Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Time!

Since it's a week before Christmas, I figured I should blog some Christmasy stuff! The day after Thanksgiving, Jory usually helps his Dad out at the tree lot. We decided to try and do a little Christmas Shopping while we were up there. While in Wal Mart, they made an announcement that Santa was in the Garden section and you could have a picture taken with him and get a free 5x7. Ummm.... ok! So we took Lincoln over to have his first picture with Santa and of course he BAWLED!!! I was so sad. I did NOT want to be in the picture at all since I CLEARLY wasn't dressed for the occasion-or any occasion for that matter! But I still wanted to have my son's picture with Santa. I think this is just hilarious though. Typical Lincoln! Jory and Lincoln went to Logan last night and I miss my boy SO MUCH! They will be home soon though and I can't wait to give him hugs and kisses!!

So stupid cute!!

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