Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Project

I made this for Christmas for Lincoln's Grandparents and his Dad. I LOVE them! I made two because I couldn't make up my mind on which one I liked better! The other one is on my portrait blog.

Lincoln is still doing great! He hasn't thrown up in almost two weeks now. We hope he keeps this up. He has been enjoying his new toys but still has cabin fever. I took him out for like a minute the other day hoping he would FEEL HOW cold it was. Of course the plan back fired on me. We got outside and he gave a huge sign of relief and was the happiest little boy EVER! Dang it...

I totally forgot to post about Christmas! Maybe I will try again tomorrow. It has been a stressful week over here. Our car has just been a MESS trying to figure everything out and it took a weird turn for the worst the other day. Sadly, I have learned over and over again, that you just can't trust anyone. I have also been trying to get ready for a huge bridal fair in the next two weeks. It's hard to figure out which images to blow up, what size, how to to arrange them, how to decorate your booth, pricing, price lists, designing them, business cards, ALBUMS (this is by far my most favorite thing to do!) and the list just goes on! It is A LOT of work! But I have all my albums done and ready to be submitted and I THINK I have all my prints ready to send off. The problem is I keep changing my mind and second guessing myself! AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Other then that, we are doing ok. Our house looks like it could be on the show Hoarders. So please, no one stop by to take pictures cuz if you submit them, we might end up on the show. First thing that needs to go is our bushy Christmas tree! There is no room to put Lincs toys anywhere! One of these days we will get it all organized! I hope...

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