Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lincs First Horse Ride

So clearly I am not very good about blogging things as they happen. In fact, I have no idea when this even was! It may have been in Aug... ??? Either way, it is better that I blog about this then my current car drama!

Whenever this happened, we had gone up to Almo for the weekend and Lincoln became fascinated with Grandpa's horses! Every time we go there, he points and points to the horses until we take him over to see them. It doesn't matter how cold or dark it is, Lincoln wants to see those horses. So Jory decided to take Lincs on a horse back ride and he was pretty scared. I don't think he liked it that much. Still... we got some CUTE pics of him on them right?

After looking at these again, I remembered his horrific hair cut while we were there. Clearly his hair was WAY too long! So we asked Aunt Cami to give him a trim. Both jory and I had to pin him down. Cami worked FAST and I was quite impressed with how fast she could work. Close towards the end, Lincoln had been screaming so hard that he started gagging and dry heaving. He threw up a little and then we decided the hair cut was OVER. Jory picked him up and held him close. Next thing we know, Lincoln throws up ALL over/down Jory. It was a LOT of throw up too. We started cleaning him up and I couldn't handle the smell-I thought I was going to start dry heaving myself! So we didn't get the hair cut done! He looked pretty silly for a while. ha ha ha...

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Hansens said...

I think he looks cute. Jory looked a little worried, or frazzled though...LOL. He's a cutie pie