Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dash's Birth Story!

I seriously have ALWAYS wanted to shoot a birth story. I don't know why, but I think they are amazing! Of course, most women don't want a camera in there taking photos every step of the way right? I know I wouldn't have wanted one there. Now... I DO!! I told my sister I wanted to shoot a birth story of her boy. She just raised her eye brows at me like I was a whack job! I kept telling her how beautiful some of them can be. I think I almost had her convinced.

However, us Bennett girls like to go out with a bang when it comes to deliveries. Apparently c-sections is becoming our specialty around here. Sadly, she went for the same reasons I did. After being induced and being in labour over 15 hours, water breaking and progressing from a nothing to a 2 in that amount of time, she was wheeled in for a C-Section. This brought back A LOT of memories and emotions for me. I was FREAKING out inside. I was SCARED for her. I tried to keep my emotions in check and put on a brave face for her.

Everything turned out BETTER then we expected and she was a rockstar at recovery! Her sweet little boy is here and I have LOVED taking lots (and I mean LOTS) of cute pics of this little man! Here's what we got from that day!

The Davis Hospital is beautiful...

I think it's pretty much safe to say that she is smitten with this cute little boy!

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Jeanie said...

And only YOU can capture incredible moments like this one and have them expressed as beautiful as they are in each picture that you take!!!