Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lincoln's Surgery

Today was Lincoln's big day-his little surgery! We were told not to give him any food or Liquid after midnight last night. I already knew this would going to be a LONG night. We asked our good friend Cort to come over and give Lincs a blessing. There is just something so AMAZING about the Priesthood. I love it. What would I do with out it? I wish I could remember what it even said and it was my intention of writing it down, but that just got away from me all together. It was a beautiful blessing and we are grateful for Cort and his willingness to give blessings!

Lincoln woke up around 3:00am wanting his Bubba. We clearly couldn't give it to him and just hoped he would fall back asleep. Nope, he surly did NOT! I think he finally passed out about 6:00am. We had to get up at 7:00 to get ready. It was seriously such a sad morning. I wanted to cry and throw up all at the same time. We got to the Riverwoods Medical Center at 8:00am and checked in. I figured we'd do paper work for 15 minutes and then they would take him back and prep him. They didn't call us back till after 9:00am and they didn't take him back into surgery till 9:30am. Do you KNOW what it's like with a 20 month old baby who is hungry and bored out of his brains? The Anesthesiologist came and talked to us and then took Lincoln with him to put him under. Lincoln of course was just bawling and so sad. I think this was the hardest part for me. They put Jory and I in a room to wait for him. Much to my delight, Jory found a station that had Prison Break on it. Heck yeah! Except, I totally fell asleep. It seemed like less then 15 mins later, the nurse came back and said he was almost done. So fast....

 Dr Heras came back and told us he did really well. However, she said that when they went in to put his tubes in, they found his ears were red-which means another ear infection was on its way. I felt so irritated that he just keeps getting them! She also informed us that his vocal cords were really swollen and he failed his hearing test. Again,I was so sad. I just wanted him to be fine. But, she was happy with how everything went and suggested maybe looking into food allergies if his vomiting continues. We are taking him into her office tomorrow to do another hearing test and see how that goes.

 They finally brought my cute boy into me when he was waking up from everything. Cort warned us that he was going to be crazy fussy. Holy crap... no kidding! It was awful!! There wasn't a THING we could do to calm him down! I hated feeling so helpless. The poor kid was STARVING and guzzled half of a glass of juice. When we came home, we stopped at Wendy's for lunch since we both knew making lunch just wasn't going to happen. We got Lincs a milkshake and he started pounding that too. When we brought him home, he wanted a Pedia Sure and pounded that right down as well. It took him about 2 hours of being crazy before he calmed down. Then he was back to being our Lincs. He was ripping down the hall and smiling. Crazy kid... Jory and I ended up passing out in the living room. I was on the couch and he was on the floor. Lincoln was playing with his cars next to me and when I had woken up, I saw him laying next to his dad sleeping away. FINALLY!!!!

He has been doing AMAZING tonight!!! He kept wanting crackers and other little snack foods we normally can't get him to eat. It was such a happy evening! He had been saying the word "no" before his surgery, but after he says it a lot more and more clearly. He just sounds more clear all together. We are so very happy and feel blessed that we were able to have this done for our son.

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Casey Meirovitz said...

I'm so glad to see he's making progress since his surgery, but I'm so sorry to hear that he woke up at three, does he always wake up at three for a bottle? Poor kid, it really is the worst to starve your kid. Oh and when they wake up, just terrible! I'm glad it's over and you'll notice great things since having it done! Glad you did it! Love your Christmas card, way cute!!!!