Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Lincoln LOVES Disney's Cars. I think that has been one of his top favs for quite some time. During this Christmas Season, we were driving around and right by our Target, there was Mater!! We HAD to take Lincoln there. I am sure we were more excited about it then he was. When we got there, Jory covered Lincoln's eyes and wouldn't let him see him until we were in front of him. When he uncovered Lincoln's eyes, it was quite apparent that Lincoln knew this truck. He gave a shy little smile for only a moment and then was done. He was more intrigued with all the passing cars. Awesome! Oh well, it was a lot of fun anyways! Luckily, we took some cute pics while we were there. I am getting better at just taking candids of my boy!

Tomorrow morning is Lincoln's surgery at 9:00am! I am excited to have him get this done, but nervous for him and I understand that sometimes things just go wrong. Please pray for my boy! Heck, pray for me to be able to keep it all together. It's been a rough month and I am rather emotional these days! HA HA HA HA!!!!

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