Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

I think it's time for an update on this blog eh? I am so busy keeping up with my other blog that I seriously neglect this blog and I truly feel bad about it! This is pretty much MY journal and I want Lincs to be able to look back on this as his journal too. Life is too busy for us all and we need to slow down, but it seems like we always say that but then we keep getting busier. What can we do to slow down a little bit? I DO know an answer to that.... GET SICK!! HA HA HA HA!!! EVERY TIME we go to Almo, Id (and never to fail) Lincoln ALWAYS gets sick. ALWAYS! It drives me up the wall. We always end up at the dr.'s or insta care when we get back. This time, it was both Lincoln and I. When we got home, we took him to the dr.'s cuz I just KNEW he had an ear infection. Sure enough, DOUBLE ear infection! Time to see the ENT-I am done with ear infections! Both my friend and sister in law told me to see the same dr and had a great experience with her, so that is what we are going to do! Poor kid...

We had a nice Thanksgiving (besides me not feeling well). My mother in law Tammy is an AMAZING cook and made a delish meal-never to fail on that one too. She also had a Bingo game with prizes and a craft. It was so much fun!! The boys usually watch football most of the day and if you are like me and despise football, then this was more then welcomed!

The next day, we headed to Logan to help Base out with the tree lot. Normally I have always enjoyed and looked forward to the tree lot, but now that we have a very active little boy, it was too much for me. There were a few moments I truly thought I was going to loose it! Lincoln also had a massive vomit episode while Jory went on an errand. There we were out in the cold with vomit ALL OVER US! Lincs had it up in his nose, eye, ear and hair. I don't handle vomit real well and I was ready to just go home by this point!! But those Ward boys like to help out their dad so we stayed and toughed it out! Dayle and I braved taking out the chicklets to go shopping and that was a riot! Like any small kid wants to stay in the buggy and behave! Give me a break! They want to run free and wild!! Which doesn't exactly work well you know? At any rate, it was GREAT to get back home and back to the routine of life-so to speak!

OHHHH.... My little sister Camilla had her first baby right before Thanksgiving!! But that deserves a post all on it's own thought right? I am beyond thrilled for them! She is going to be the best mom ever.

And what is a post with out some pics though right? Back in October, we tried to take some family pics up in Idaho. Josh was more then willing to help us out and he did a GREAT job. Lincoln was a PILL and was freaking out the WHOLE TIME!! As Jory was carrying Lincs into the field, I turned around and saw this...

How do you not snap away right? Jory took a few of me and Lincoln together as well. LOVE THEM!!! I will post more of the family pics later as well. There are some cute ones and like I said, Josh did a GREAT JOB!

Aren't those just BEAUTIFUL?! I LOVE candid shots of me and my cute boy! I need to blow some of these up and hang them in my house. Seriously can't get enough of them!! =D I am still head over heels, obsessed with my cute boy.

We put up our beautiful tree from Base's tree lot the other night. It is bigger then I thought. We eded up having to rearrange our whole front room in order to make it all fit! ha ha ha!!! But it's looking like Christmas around here! LOVE IT! I will take pics soon and post them!

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