Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Gateway

This is has been a rough month over here. With being sick constantly, cars breaking down, job situation and the lack of the Christmas Spirit due to all the above, we have had a hard time getting excited about Christmas. We have done a few Christmas things as a family. Last Saturday, I shot a wedding up at Temple Square. Since my car is pretty much a goner, Jory and Lincoln had to tag along yet again. We figured we'd see the lights and head over to the Gateway. We didn't stay too long at either one since it is butt freezing cold and we're trying to keep Lincoln healthy for his upcoming surgery. Either way, it was nice to get out and DO SOMETHING! It is always so beautiful up at Temple Square and I never fail to feel the spirit when I am there! Here are some pics we took at The Gateway! You'll have to excuse the picture overload. We hardly ever go out and have fun-let alone take pics anymore, so we have been trying to be better at that! Lincoln HATES to be in his stroller anymore because that means he's not a free spirit exploring everything on his own. And he wants to do everything on his own anymore it seems! We thought this pic was hysterical!

We have always loved going to The Gateway, ESP at Christmas time. Then you get a little boy that is full of adventure and does NOT want to be in any of the stores because there is less room to RUN! So we've come to conclude that shopping and eat out is needing to be a Lincoln free zone! LOL!

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