Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning comes TOO early at the Ward house. I think they get up at like 6am. Not fun. I am not a morning person and even though it was Lincoln's first Christmas, I was still in no mood to wake up that early. That morning FLEW by so fast! Presents were being tossed right left and center at warp speed. It was sad cuz it went by too fast and my sister in law and I were saying how we never got to see what anyone else got.

Lincoln didn't wake up with us when everyone else did (lucky!) so we of course started with out him. However, I heard something in the back room and then heard him bawling. When I went in there, I couldn't find him. I started to panic! Where in the crap could he have vanished too. I knew we had left him in here. Yet another reason to not wake up that early when your brain still doesn't work-you just can't THINK! So some how he had fallen off the bed and was in between the bed and the nightstand. He was almost under the bed. I felt so bad I almost started to cry. It only took Lincoln being picked up to stop crying though.

He didn't care too much about his new toys but he seemed to like his cousin Graycee's new toy that made a lot of noise. I was too tired to take any pics at all, so Jory did but they were pretty blown out so I didn't post them. But these are the only pics I took that day. What a horrible mother!

Oh he is so cute I can't stand it sometimes!

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