Sunday, January 16, 2011


My little man is quite the mover. Since he NEVER is still, I've just come to accept that from here on out, all pics are going to have to be pure candids. Not that I don't love candids of course. They are some of my most favorites, however, I still love that beautiful, traditional looking at the camera with a big cheesy smile! Oh well... at least we got some good ones before he started to move and I'm sure we'll get a few when he's older.


It has been fun to just follow him around taking pics of his funny faces and see what mischief he likes to get himself into. Lincoln can't play with anyone thing for too long. He gets so bored and is onto his next adventure. Usually, it's the plant and lately, it's the kitchen cupboards. He's also been pulling himself up on things that he can move and walk with. Such a good sign. The other day as I was doing laundry, he pulled himself up on the laundry basket and started pushing it down the hallway. He was so proud of himself as he walked and giggled halfway down the hall. Then his dad came home and he was so excited to go play with him.

We got him this little car walker thingy for Christmas. Sometimes he loves it, other times he just doesn't care about it. This day he was pretty fascinated with it. Even stopped to let me take his picture. Such a cute boy. I love him so much.


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