Tuesday, January 11, 2011

9 Month Stats

Lincoln has his 9 month check up this morning. His stats have changed quite a bit!

Weight 18.8 lbs
Height 27.5 inch's
Head 45cm

His height is in the 20% and weight in the 25%. His head is still large as he is in the 55%. When he was only a few months only he was in the 75% in weight and height. Crazy. I guess now that he's crawling like crazy, he's burning a few calories. Lincs has quite a little personality. If you try and give him something he doesn't want, he'll smack it out of your hand or try to throw it. Tonight while he was in his high chair, Jory was trying to give him a sippy cup. Instead of just ignoring it, he made sure it landed on the floor. He will make sure it is out of his sight.

Lincoln is a fast little crawler. This morning he had been sitting in my lap at the dr's office for what was too long for him. I figured I would let him down for just a few seconds. As soon as I put him down he was speed crawling out the door just giggling away like it was no body's business. I couldn't help but giggle too.


Still no teeth yet. Still refusing to eat baby food. He did eat potatoes tonight though. Last night we put him in his crib and tried to let him cry things out and go to sleep on his own. He cried/screamed till 2am. Jory brought him in bed with us and of course he goes right to sleep. I figured FOR SURE he'd sleep in this morning. Oh noooo... 7:30am he was wide eyed and bushy tailed. Mommy is not doing to well however.


Jill said...

Letting them cry it out is the hardest thing! I had to keep telling myself that if I went in and got Sydni that all of the crying she had done was for nothing. It the hardest thing, but does work. Hang in there!

Laura said...

Cute picture! He's looking a bit more like you. :) I was wondering if he had teeth yet. Brielle hasn't popped any teeth yet either. Abbie was working on tooth #4 by this age! Gotta love how each one is so different. :)

sherry ward said...

Laura! No teeth yet! Can you believe that?? I think it's amazing how some kids get teeth at 4 months and others so much later. Our Pediatrician said that some kids don't get their first tooth till they're 15 months old! So crazy!