Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Day

Christmas Eve was mainly spent chasing Lincoln around my mother in law's house. When your kid gets in a new environment, they want to touch EVERYTHING. I'm well aware this is just the beginning. Besides chasing him around, we just did the usual... helped make dinner, bake, had the carolers sing to us, watched Elf, had the kids open their new jammies, etc. Since there was like 50 images that I wanted to post, they will be posted in chapters.

I tried to get as many of the nieces as I could. Although that was hard since my baby is sooo cute that I couldn't pull my attention and camera away from him.

Doesn't Casady look SO pretty in this one? I love it.

Pretty much obsessed with out of focus lights this past season...

I LOVE my baby's FAT chin. So kissable!

This is Cami's little girl Brayklee. She is the SPITTING image of her dad though! I can't believe how fast she is changing too!

Graycee was a hard little cookie to get pics of, but I thought this one of her was so cute!

Linc's first Christmas went by in such a blur. It was a little sad but hopefully there will be many more coming up!

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