Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas Jammies!

I think most families have the tradition of giving their kids Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve. I LOVE this tradition so much! Jory and I started doing this when we were first married but only followed through once. There is nothing more exciting then slipping into a fresh, brand new pair of PJ's on Christmas Eve. For me, it only adds to the excitement of it all. I definatly plan on following through with this tradition for my boy.

This year I got Lincoln the CUTEST pair of PJ's at Target for $5! They looked so cute on his chubby little body. As I've been posting, I've noticed that most of the pics I took were of all the little cousins. I forced myself to take a few pics of Lincs with his parents. I never seem to do this, but down the road, I know I will be so glad I did.

Here is Graycee with her dad opening her little Jammies. She is so dang cute!

A lot of my friends told me not to get much for Lincoln for Christmas as he's too small to notice or care. As he was growing so fast, I knew he would need quite a few things, so that mainly what he got this year. I know even more, he'll love the pics we took of him on his first Christmas.

With Dad, no idea what is going on and I'm pretty sure he doesn't care either.

Classic Lincoln, "Mommy come get me, it's time to nurse" face

Casady's new jammies-she looks so proud! Disclaimer-Jory took this pic, which is why Lincoln is in focus and the subject is not.

Now that Stink Bugs is so mobile, changing his clothes (or anything for that matter) is such a challange. But once you take off all those clothes, he is the HAPPIEST little baby EVER!

Clearly we're trying to break free here...

Yeah, he just wanted to be nakey!

I LOVE the way his jammies look on him. He looks so cute! And I also love how skinny my legs look here. For those who saw how fat I got during pregnancy can agree that I deserve that comment! =D

Here we are by the tree. Lincoln looks so thrilled doesn't he?

Lincoln LOVES this stupid movie! I mean, I usually do to but this year we watched it TOO much that I thought Buddy was going to die!

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