Monday, October 25, 2010

Before & After

I recently taught a class at a Charter High School and it was amazing. Guess what I taught? Yeap, that's right-Photography. I love teaching a lot. The dream is to go back to school and get my degree so that I can teach on a collage level one day. While teaching, I asked the students if they knew when the best time of day was to shoot. One student said at noon. Ummmm.... no, but thanks for playing. That is actually the WORST time of day to shoot for lighting. However, when shooting a wedding, sometimes (or all of the time) it is out of your control when you shoot.

One of my recent clients was married the beginning of September and we shot her and her new husband about 2:30pm at the Mt.Timp Temple. Beautiful day, but bad lighting as it was "high noon" so to speak. You would think that it would be perfect with all that light, but in order to have the couple's skin tones completely exposed correctly, you blow out the background. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but since the Temple is part of your composition, it is a huge problem. If you expose for the Temple correctly, the faces of the couple will be black. Even worse... Thank goodness for Photo Shop. It TRULY is a life savor. Thanks to this blessed program, I was able to go from this... (this is right out of my camera, no editing done. My photos NEVER look like this unless I shoot this time of day out in an area like this!)


To THIS...

They ordered a 20x24 of this image, so it I wanted it perfect. I spent a lot of time editing this image and love how it turned out. Any questions?

Dear Tammy,
I know you are anxiously awaiting pics of Mr.Lincoln (and BELIEVE ME, I have MANY!)
I will hopefully be posting some soon-life never seems to slow down! Just WAIT till you see him in his Halloween Costume! You will die of giggles.


Hansens said...

The charter school loved you as well!! Photoshop is a wonderful invention. Although, you have to be a great photographer to make it work well ;-) You are definitely that.

Lincoln was soooo cute in that outfit. He has such a cute personality.

The Peterson Family said...

One word . . . AMAZING. Sherry, you seriously amaze me.

Laura said...

Tons of questions! :) I needed to be there for your lesson. I agree with the have to be a great photographer first to make any editing program work well. And you are certainly an AMAZING photographer!