Sunday, October 17, 2010

6 Months Stats

We saw Dr. Clayton on Thursday and here's what's going on...

Weight 16.15 lbs
Height 25.5 inches
Head... huge!

Lincoln was told he has perfect motor, developmental and social skills. The Doctor was very impressed with the fact that Lincoln was sitting with out help on my lap. He said that shows he has very strong muscles. Ummmm... yeah, he uses those muscles to fight me every time I try and snuggle him, wipe his nose or put his clothes on.

While we were waiting, Lincoln started gabbing to himself as he was looking around. He has quite the set of lungs these days. So when Dr. Clayton came in, he said, "Wow, you sure have some stories to tell! I could hear you clear down the hall." Yeap, that's our Lincoln.


Of course we had more shots followed by lots of screaming. Poor kid. One day he'll learn it's for his own good. They always put the cutest band-aids on his thunder thighs. I had to take a pic. Too cute...


I truly believe Lincs is advanced and will grow up to be brilliant. I was talking with one of my girlfriends the other day and told her how I've always felt Lincoln has never really been a baby, but a little boy trapped in a baby's body. He already knows what he wants constantly but seems frustrated that he can't always communicate what it is. He does know certain words however, and expresses specific emotions (good or bad) when these words are said.

I just finished editing his 6 months portraits. I'm so happy with them. They are beautiful and I couldn't be more pleased. Until tomorrow (or the next week)...

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