Sunday, September 5, 2010


Due to new and weird circumstances, we have decided yet again to go private with our family blog. I know that's what we had said before, but Jory had wanted to stay public for his family out in ID. If you have given me your email address in the past, I still have it and you are on the list. If not and you would like to continue to read our blog, PLEASE, PLEASE PlEaSe email me!

Our good friends from Canada came into town and we have been spending any chance we could with them. I super LOVE this family!! They are just amazing to me in so many ways. A week ago, Karen called me and invited me out for lunch and a Pedicure. H.E.L.L.O!! Heck yeah! We ended up spending the whole day together. The pedi was of course amazing. Karen chose a Autumn colour which was soooo gorgeous, I had to steal. We went to lunch at Kneaders. Folks... doing this with a good friend-life just doesn't get any better then this! =D Girls night with her other girlfriends was a lot of fun-let me tell you! These other girls are not only gorgeous, but so much fun and so easy to talk to.

I shot a wedding Friday night for a friend that is moving away to Iowa with her new husband. Her wedding was gorgeous and she looked exquisite. As I was shooting ring shots, I realized I hadn't taken a pic of my beautiful pedi!! Clearly, it was hot and my feet were yet again swollen as you can see my flop lins! HA HA HA!


THANK YOU KAREN! I love, adore and miss you! Please move home soon. =D


Lisa S. Luckey said...

Oh wow! I love the colors. They're so beautiful.

The Peterson Family said...

Ditto, my friend! That was a FABULOUS day. And, these are my favorite toes ever. I just sent you a FB msg tonight and then saw this! I love you too! Awesome day. Amazing friend. Thank you!

Jill said...

Please, please, please add me to your private list!

Love and miss you!