Monday, March 21, 2011

Wedding Expo!

What a weekend!!!

I haven't done a bridal fair for a while because the last one I did was awful. I didn't book a thing and it was devastating. Then again, there weren't that many people there and there were  about 12 photographers there as well. NEVER doing the Provo High Bridal Fair again. Thanksgiving Point is SO much better! Anyways, I really felt that I needed to try again. I kept telling myself NO WAY. The thoughts wouldn't leave though. I decided to try one more time. I had forgotten HOW much time was invested in one of these things. To keep up with the cut throat industry here in Utah, you have to be on top of your game ALL THE TIME and always updating your portfolio. LOTS of work. Not to mention expensive. I think it went ok though. We'll see...

Dayle told me I had to take pics so she could see my booth, so here it is! Turned out cute eh?

Anyways, I've been getting ready for that all last week and we also had the birth of my new nephew as well. Can I just tell you how CUTE that little boy is? I can't wait to hold him again. He was born in the same hospital as Lincoln and it was a little hard to go back there. The memories are still fresh and raw. At any rate, I am so glad he is here and doing well. He is the 4th grand baby on the Bennett side and I am thrilled that Lincoln has a boy cousin that is closer to his age.

Speaking of Lincoln, he is yet again sick. Not to mention teething. Poor little boy. He has started walking though and it IS the CUTEST thing I've ever seen. He gets so proud of himself and gets that little Lincoln signature smile on his face.  I also got sick as well. I broke out in Fever/Herpes virus all over my ear yesterday and never to fail, it makes me sick.  Needless to say, Lincoln and I only made it to Young Women's to teach the girls today.

Here's a pic of me and Lincs in our booth. Don't we look so good together??

Special thanks to...
*Ashley for watching Lincoln while we went to load our stuff over! He was such a sad boy and I always feel so bad when I have to have someone watch him for me!

*Jeanie and Dustin for helping load, unload and GENEROUSLY lending us their van as Jory's truck wouldn't work (so depressing!)

*My mom who dolled up, drove down from Ogden after having a ROOT CANAL THAT morning and helping out with the booth and taking over so I could go eat . IN FACT, one girl came and talked to me later that evening and told me how wonderful my mother was and how she had sold her on using my services! GO MOM!!! =D

*Melissa Blanton who always supports me in everything, is sooo loyal and always makes my hair look fantastic (which isn't easy BTW).

*Jory for watching Lincoln all day and being a such good sport about it. Also for helping set up, take down and doing most of the loading home. And for telling me how proud he was of me for doing this. It TRULY was hard for me to put myself back out there!

*And of course let's not forget my cute boy... He just cute-plain and simple! ha ha ha!!!


Hansens said...

It looks wonderful! Hope it becomes beneficial to you. Wish I could have helped you somehow. Let me know sometime, my girls could watch Lincoln if you need.

ashleyboice said...

yay! it looks great.

- (¯`'·.¸ Geena ¸.·'´¯) - : said...

Your booth looked great!!! :) You did an amazing job! xoxo