Friday, March 4, 2011

We need a new bed BAD! Since we are actually getting a tax refund this year, I am begging Jory to get a new bed. There are a lot of things we want/need so we have to pick off a long list. However, a new bed is MY top pick. I've been looking for different ideas and things I'd want. Let me tell you, there are some INTERESTING things out there. I can only imagine what would run through Jory's head if I asked him if we could do this to our bedroom...

That is some LOUD wallpaper!! lol...
I DID like this idea though.

They are not the colours I have in my head, but I like the style. It's simple, bright and fresh. Oh, I saw this and LOVED it, so I am hoping Jory will build this for me for my bday next month.

Seriously? How fabulous is that?? And to have these cameras on my shelf

The Yashicamat LM (the first camera) is beautiful eh? I want one so bad! I know what you're thinking-why would you want a film camera when the world is using digital? Well, I LOVE the art aspect of photography and my dream one day is to teach Alternative Photography at a University level. I fell in love with this medium of photography while working on my Associate Degree and am secretly dying to get back into it. Most Alternative Photography processes require film negatives and you would be shocked at the beautiful art you can do using some of these techniques.

I still want the Nikon D700 in the worst way and I am saving for it. I just have a lot of dreams though.

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