Friday, March 11, 2011


I know the following 3 images look quite similar, but I love them all and didn't want to narrow them down. Lincoln has been battling colds and ear infections for a while now. He just got over his 3rd ear infection since December. I feel like he gets over one cold and then he jumps right into another one. So sad for baby. These pics of him were so beautiful! Even if he is sporting a snotting nose. I thought about retouching the snot out and that just seemed like too much work at the moment. That and this is history and how he really did look at that moment.

Our house has been looking like this a lot. Actually, it has been worse. It seems as though everytime I get it picked up and cleaned, it's right back to this state. I think I'll just give up and enjoy life! Ok, maybe I'll do one last spring cleaning! Maybe...

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Rosie and Derek said...

Lincoln is sooooooo cute!!! It's so fun having them so close in age, they seem to hit all their milestones at the same time. This year has flown by, it's crazy that they'll turn 1 next month!