Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lincs Latests

Yeah, he pretty much bawled the whole time I tried to take his pictures. I was so excited about this shoot and this location. He, however, felt quite different. We will try this again hopefully next week and see how it goes.

Today I ordered his Birthday Party Invitations. Ummm... I'm a little emotional that he is already to this point. It's been fun planning his party and all, but I am so sad that it has gone by this fast. It will be a super cute party though.

I have been chatting online with my youngest sister. She had been asking about Lincoln and I was telling her all these things and realized I hadn't recorded them anywhere yet. But here's his latest tricks...

*Loves to laugh when someone else laughs
*Arches his back and throws his head all the way back when he doesn't get his way.
*Since he has either destroyed all the plants or we've moved them out of his reach, he has resorted to pushing chairs and laundry baskets around.
*He loves to clap and wave.
*Still LOVES bath time and books it to bathroom when he hears the tub going.
*Understands what being outside is and gets upset when he's brought in.
*Loves to smack you in the face and just LAUGH about it. (We have no idea where this came from, but we ARE working with him on this-not a good habit.)
*Still LOVES Elf. ???
*Gets a kick out of his cousin Bugs. Whenever he sees her, he has to tease her so bad that she gets mad and then he'll giggle so hard about it.

**As I type this, they are both laying next to me snoring away! Good times...**

You can see another preview here...

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