Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Perfect Walk

Last week, Lincoln and I were looking out the window. The weather was warm(er) and the lighting was perfect. Hmmmm... Why not, I thought to myself. I packed up my camera equipment and my baby and off we went driving. We found a spot where it was peaceful, desolate and beautiful. I pulled out the stroller and off we went walking. Can I just tell you HOW HAPPY this makes my boy? And of course, when my boy is happy, I am happy.

I can't believe how beautiful the day was. Lincoln was so very intrigued with everything going on around him. I put him on a blanket and he just did NOT move. There was so much to see and hear. He was in Heaven. It was a perfect walk indeed!

It will be so nice when it is warm enough to take him out on long walks. I can't wait. He is an out door boy already. I love it. He gets so sad when we bring him inside. It will be a fun spring and summer for sure.

It was nice to wear him out a little!

Ah ha!! Just kidding, he couldn't be more alive and wide eyed!

So VERY much in love with catch light in eyes and this image nailed it!

Oh how this stick made him so happy and entertained him forever!

How does that cute little smirk not make you smile? =D

 Here are just a few of the gorgeous images I took of my boy boy. I will have tons more on my portrait blog within the week. I LOVE how they turned out. I'm so excited for the weather to warm up and for the earth to become alive again!

This last image just warms me right up inside. That is my sweet little miracle boy! That is HIS little trade mark smile. He smiles like that at me ALL the time. It's a funny smile that lights up my world. Happiness right there friends!

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Rosie and Derek said...

He is so darn cute. Aaaaaaaaaaaazing pictures as always! I don't know how you do it, I usually just get a bunch of blurry shots since Chase refuses to hold still.